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Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Prince Muhammad Dara ioned. Work No. MAJMA’-UL-BAHRAIN. TEXT AND TRANSLATION. MAJMA’-UL- BAHRAIN OR THE MINGLING OF THE TWO OCEANS BY PRINCE MUHAMMAD . Majma-ul-Bahrain (Hindi: मज्म ‘उल बह् रैन’, Urdu: مجمع البحرین , “The Confluence of the Two Seas”) is a book on comparative religion authored by Dara.

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This work is also valuable in another way, namely, that it gives us an insight into the relation which existed between Bara and Miyan Jiv and Mulla Shah. Discourse on the Infinity of the Cycles Adwdr. The whole subject has been scarcely touched. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

S of znat-ul- Awliyd, pp. And he had no other object in view in transla- ting this work except that he would be personally benefited or that his issues, friends and the seekers of the Truth would gather its fruits. He ilnd Bvery- one on it must ‘pass away.

Interval between the Death of a Man and the Resurrection.

Majma-Ul-Bahrain or The Mingling Of The Two Oceans By Prince Muhammad Dara Shikuh

Precisely which body bahrxin must be covered varies between different schools of Islamic thought. Hl further particulars see TadhJcirat-uUAivliya, ed. A adds y f; after y; A perusal of the list of variants will confirm this statement. X jy ,U; —. Hiijaund says that it was Tuesday evening.


The publication of the third edition of this work indicates that the scholars and general readers who are engaged in studying Indian theological discourses are attracted to Dara Shikuh’s views.

But is this poverty of quality of true measure of Dara’s attitude and endowments” from other data known concerning his it is legitimate to regard this question as one open to a certain measure of doubt. Anyone can choose to be the Champion of Mam and remove all bwhrain who stand in the way of the realization of his political ambitions.

I waited for two years but no such description of the manuscript appeared. Pages from the book.

मज्म ‘उल बह् रैन’ (समुद्र संगम:) -Majma Ul Bahrain

R omits ; 6. I, Part i, p. A, H, K add after c: Modi govt under RSS control”. Several Muslim rulers “ordered the translation of various Sanskrit mjama into Persian in order both to satisfy their own intellectual curiosity and to increase Muslim understanding of Hinduism.

Majma Ul Bahrain Mingling Of Two Oceans

Pratt in his recent work The Pilgrimage of Buddhism applies the principle in a practical way and rightly says: Intimate parts in Islam topic The intimate parts of the human body must, according to Islam, be covered by clothing.

For his life baurain Browne, Literary History of Persia, vol.

Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes. So runs the Holy verse: Member feedback about Intimate parts in Islam: Professor Haq consulted five Manuscripts of Majma-ul-Bahrain available in different parts of India in preparing the majms text.


They entirely reject all eternal attributes of God They believe the word of God to have been created in subjects They deny all vision of God in Paradise by the corporeal eye, and baurain all com- parisons and similitudes applied to God.

R omits OAcf ob. So, ac- cording to my reckoning, the age of Gabriel and the duration of the life of Day and the whole Universe, which is identical with Barhmdnd, is equal to eighteen anj years of the world ; each anj of which in its turn is equal to one thousand years — there being not the least increase or decrease. It is a relatively better MS. A number placed in parenthesis, after the name of a ruler, relates to the beginning and end of his reign ; and n after the number of a page indicates a footnote.

Ibra- him Dhun Nun al-Misri.

The whole subject has been scarcely touched. Sir Jadunath threw enough light on the career and character of Dara Shikuh as ‘a soldier and a politician’ in his History of Aurangzib and he suggested to Dr.