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The Leningrad System is one of the sharpest and most interesting replies to 1 d4, and since this typical set-up is also playable against the flank openings 1 c4. Booktopia has Leningrad System, A Complete Weapon Against 1 D4 by Stefan Kindermann. Buy a discounted Paperback of Leningrad System online from. Author Stefan Kindermann. Ee8 in the main line of the Leningrad System is presented here, but since the typical motifs and ideas for both sides are fully.

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I’m not familiar with the problem you describe of playing the Dutch against 1.

Leningrad System: A Complete Weapon against 1.d4 book Review – Chess Forums –

The Spanish Exchange Variation lets you play one of the major chess openings, the Ruy Lopez, without the risk of drowning in the huge flow of information now available to the modern chessplayer. I can recommend this book too.

And I play the French against 1. They were truly the champions of their time; however, times do change. Anyone interested in the theory of the Dutch Defence and the Leningrad Variation will find it an absolute must for their library A Complete Weapon Against 1 D4.


He has represented Germany in six chess Olympiads and once qualified for the World Championship. Jan 23, 2.

It was only a few years ago that the Lisitsin Gambit 2. A Complete Weapon against 1. GM Kindermann wrote an outstanding book. It is a sound and solid opening, yet gives good winning chances for White. Description The Leningrad System is one of the sharpest and most interesting replies to 1 d4, and since this typical set-up is also playable against the flank openings 1 c4 and 1 If3, it provides the Black player with a genuine universal weapon.

That explains why the world champion could only score a draw with white against it last week at the Corus tournament. Human vs Stockfish 10!! This opening has been played by many top players over the years Lasker, Fischer, Timman, Shirov I said rarely, not never. Looking for beautiful books? Jan 23, 4. I bought it last week and it will take me some years to get through to it.

The Dutch has since been rendered an inferior opening, similar to the Pirc and King’s Gambit. On the subject of not being able to use the Dutch against certain flank openings, I tend to play a Tarrasch Defense setup against these – e6, d5, and c5, then improvise from there. The Best Books of StinkingHyena 10 min ago.


Black Repertoire for Tournament Players. I by no means am trying to take anything away from the champions of old, because back then the King’s Gambit and Dutch were perfectly employable.

Stefan Kindermann

Thanks for the warning. Obviously I highly recommend this book Secrets of Creative Thinking Artur Yusupov.

I have a freebie subscription to chessbase, so I will let others chime in with better info. Mate in 13 for White Aaron 20 min ago. The Dutch”, from Everyman Chess. If Black survives the middlegame, there is often an unpleasant endgame lying in wait. Mark all topics as READ.