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Urhobo and head words from English; Urhobo –English complex Code In this study, Urhobo is the matrix language while English is the. SIMILAR WORDS IN URHOBO AND UKWUANI LANGUAGE, For more data in general and to anyone that has to do with language planning”. world should evolve a more robust language planning policy towards the functional . Fulfulde, Igala, Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, tiv, and Urhobo. The.

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Central Urhobo Agbarho-Ughelli Dialect 3. Ikwerre hisory is far detached from Igbo. Agbon Urhobo is extremely close urhbo Central Urhobo. These two dialects are from Urhobo language. Mr Intellectual who cannot spell scholastic Are these examples of your intellectual citations?


We already know that Isoko people haave this penchant of detaching themselves from the greater Urhobo. What data is here to analyse before we start talking of meta-analysis. Agbarha People, you know the drill Whew!

However The term Igboid was introduced somewhere by someone for some reason. It is simply all about ways of forming words in both dialects and their contrast. Like I said earlier, this dialectal list is not prescriptive but descriptive. I am going to be covering most groups and will appreciate speakers of the language to help make the work easier by opening threads languave adding facts, correcting errors and what have we in already opened threads.


The location he settled had Igbos as the dominant neighbors. Agbon speakers are understood across board. Moreover, various research on different branches of linguistic such as morphology, social-linguistic, syntax have been carried out in time past so as to solve the controversy of the Urhobo dialect.

Uvwie people, you know the drill.

The Various Dialects Of The Urhobo Language And Where They Are Spoken – Culture (6) – Nigeria

Background of study Irhobo can be studied in diverse dimensions. Isoko is a proto-Edoid language and hence it is closer to how Urhobo once was when the people said goodbye to their Benin progenitors.

Meanwhile I gave you my name because you doubted my research pedigree. Your thinking is so incoherent. The study follow a due process of explanation in five chapters.

My Isoko people here can help out with more. The Urhobo People as a cultural unit has already been treated by me sometime ago in this thread: We based our analyses on the two.

It took a while but it came. Igbo being a people who are notorious for being assertive took it upon themselves as an agenda to ‘Igbonise’ Ikwerre by ensuring Igbo was taught in schools and Igbo language alone was used as official language in Ikwerre langguage.


The Okpe dialect is considered deep plannong hard by other Urhobo speakers. Of these divisions, Okpara is the largest while Kokori speaks a more proto-Agbon, or harder, version. Who are my people. I call on the Ofoni people to bail me out here.

However, they are culturally the same with Urhobo. Their language is seen as “impure” and unintelligible by most Urhobo speakers. I’m not Lagos though but I can direct you. This is your very first post. Hello NairalandersI remembered at a point in time, there were lots of threads that urhoob the front-page about Nigeria’s major ethnic groups and their dialects! However, it is important to know things like this.

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Air me ur mail, bbm pin nd whatsapp number. There are also cases of borrowings and adaptations in Avwraka dialect. See How To Advertise. The missionaries had to commission Ikwerre scholars to write the Ikwerre bible. Empty talk is the escape of charlatans.