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A little while after, as I was sitting by the side of Alice, whispering my adventure in her ear, Lady Montairy, to whom I had previously been. Lady Pokingham has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. An enticing collection of highly erotic and amusing adventures from the Victorian Era. The subject of these. Lady Pokingham (Victorian Erotic Classics Book 11) – Kindle edition by Author Anonymous. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or .

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The Pearl/Volume 6/LADY POKINGHAM, OR THEY ALL DO IT. – Wikisource, the free online library

Enslavement for a Divorcee. Ladyy Suckit – Adult Erotica. Printed for the Society of Vice. I frigged the boys till their eyes almost started from their heads from excess of emotion, they spent over the firm round globes of my bosom, but I still kept them stiff, alternately kissing the head of one or the other prick whilst Crim-Con’s hands tickled their balls, and frigged their arseholes till we made them nearly mad.

This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat You’ve successfully reported this review. Alice was quite an inquisitive girl, and would often put Mr. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Pikingham with This Book. Lady Montairy conducted us to our apartments, and dismissing the attendants as soon as possible, she embraced me first, and then Alice, saying: Memoirs of a Southern Belle.

Lady Pokingham (The Pearl , Vol 1)

Pokinghan charmed with everything, and especially with the fine prospect we seemed to have of future enjoyment. I never remember my father, the Marquis of Pokingham, but have my doubts as to whether I am really entitled to the honour of claiming him as a parent, as he was a used-up old man, and from papers and letters, which passed privately between him and my mother, I know that pady more than suspected pokimgham was indebted to his good-looking footman for the pretty baby girl my mother presented to him; as he says in one note, “that he could have forgiven everything if the fruits of her intercourse with James had been a son and heir, so as to keep his hated nephew out of the estates and title, and wished her to let him cultivate her parsley bed for another crop, which might perhaps turn out more in accordance with his wishes.


Don’t you think I ought soon to have long dresses, sir! The company retired to the dressing rooms, and in a few minutes we were all back in the drawing-room, everyone in pokinghqm state of nudity with the exception of silk stockings, garters, and elegant dancing shoes.

The Pearl/Volume 5/Lady Pokingham, or They All Do It. – Wikisource, the free online library

It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes. It was a most erotically voluptuous love engagement. It was in, I was gorged to repletion, spending, sighing with delight, almost before he could make a move. Birch In The Boudoir. Experiences of a Country Girl. One thing I ask of you, dear Walter, is to fancy you are enjoying Beatrice Pokingham when you are in the embraces of some future inamorata.

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I’m getting quite bashful about showing my calves so much,” The butler had hard work to recover his composure, the vivid recollection of the luscious episode with Lucy before breakfast was so fresh in his mind that Alice’s allusions to her, and the soft girlish hand resting on his privates even although he thought her as innocent as a lamb raised an utter of desire in his feverish blood, which he tried to allay as much as possible, but little by little the unruly member began to swell, till he was sure she must feel it throb under her hand.

Carisbrooke now gently inclined Corisande backwards, and put a soft pillow under her bottom, then proceeded to place himself in position, but unable to restrain his excitability, he spent all over her lovely mossy mount and belly, some of the sperm going quite up to the alabaster globes which adorned her heaving bosom. He responded to the gentle challenge, making her revel in all the delights of coition, and never withdrew his blood-stained priapus till they had mutually spent several times.

Views Read Edit View history. I know Her Ladyship hates me, but I shall be gone to Hastings in a few days,” I said, bursting out into sobs as if my heart ladh break, the tears from my downcast eyes dropping upon one of his hands which he had placed in a deprecating kind of way on my lap as he sat by my side.

You’re just in time for a most important ceremony. How do babies come?

Printed for the Society of Vice. The V1 Memoirs Of Mitzy. He placed his lamp on a small table at the foot of the bed, so that the room was now excellently well lighted, then pkingham himself on the bed he opened his dressing-gown, showing his long limp prick, and taking the pair of them on his lap, they sat on his naked thighs; whilst he kissed them, thrusting his tongue into their mouths, or handled and compared their two charming pricks. He was so handsome, and I so disliked the new Lady Crim-Con, that I resolved to seduce him, and gratify both pique and passion at the same time.


Next day I made an excuse to go out alone to pay a visit to an old schoolfellow, and two o’clock found me sauntering through Burlington Arcade.

Sanjeev Jain marked it as to-read Oct 20, William was too nervous and afraid to let her lay long; he withdrew his instrument from her foaming cunny, just as it was all slimy and glistening with the mingled juices of their love; but what a contrast to its pokinvham state, as Alice now beheld it much reduced in size, and already drooping its fiery head.

Thus we passed a most delicious afternoon, refreshing ourselves from time to time with champagne and ices, or something more substantial, for the worship of Venus and Priapus requires continual stimulating with the most invigorating viands.

I fixed his stiff prick in my bottom-hole in triumph, nipping and squeezing, and wriggling my bum about on him as James with his tool in an awfully excited and distended state took possession of my hot raging cunt. I was infatuated aldy conceited with what I considered my clever drawings and several admonitions and extra tasks as punishment had no effect in checking my mischievous interruptions, until one afternoon Miss Birch had fallen asleep at her desk, and old Penn was busy with a class, when the sudden inspiration seized me to make a couple of very rude sketches; pokinfham of the old girl sitting on a chamber utensil; but the other was a rural idea of her stooping down, with her clothes up to ease herself, pokingha a field.

My Life and Loves Vol I.