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journey that Khushwant Singh has taken in fiction-writing. Train to The Company of Women relates the life-story of Mohan Kumar, the protagonist and his. Thus begins his journey of easy, unbridled sexuality in the company of some In The Company of Women, Khushwant Singh, India’s most widely read author. The Company of Women [Khushwant Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Recently separated from his nagging, ill-tempered wife of.

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He started living with many women in his house, for short span of time, with each woman. The book starts with the divorce of Mohan Kumar, a father of two,a millionaire in his early forties,with his wife. Singh clarifies the protagonist is purely fictional.

The Company of Women

A series of sequences unfold in the book in the form of Mohan Kumar’s association and rendezvous with a number of women. This book is indeed an adventurous ride as you read along. This Mohan Kumar as a student in the U. Khushwant Singh, one of India’s most well-known and widely read slngh, commenced writing The Company of Women when he was eighty-three and finished at age eighty-five. He was dejected once he knew about that.

If you go expecting an average novel of Singh’s cadreyou won’t be rewarded on that front too!! There is nothing this novel whips up except its tantalizing illusion of a name. The later half was tolerable enough to get me through it. Of course, Mohan would disagree, but he enjoys every minute of satiating his libido.

The Company of Women by Khushwant Singh

This would always give him some peace and solace. I had expected the sons to be more sophisticated than their parents, but they had turned out to be arrivistes as well. It shows the psycho I have mixed feelings regarding this book.

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She collapsed in an armchair, stretched her hands behind her and said, “Let me cool off. I also felt it was not fair to club Sonu with the rest of the family. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Views Read Edit View history.

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Aug 19, Kirti Tarang rated it it was ok. He doesn’t fail to remind us this bit because every time he is about to bed some woman, she comments on how remarkably big he is down there.

I read a few reviews of this book and I understand that I might be among a handful of people who liked this book. As a young academic, he is sent abroad to study, and thus begins his sexual experiments in the company of women. I did not know what she was up to, but got her a tray of ice nevertheless. She wasn’t tall enough to soap my neck, so she concentrated on my middle – rear and front.

Coupled with humour and a compelling narration, Khushwant Singh takes us on a journey of what it means to succumb to the desires of the flesh. The Power of Now. Believe me, I have read better erotic stories on websites written by unknown authors. While this story may seem like the racy tale of a young man who just couldn’t keep his hormones at bay, it does have a twist in the plot.

It is also a critique of the institution of marriage in our Indian society.

He went to the bathroom and spat it into the basin. Sep 16, Sneh Pradhan rated it did not like it. He had studied in Princeton, USA. There is Sarojini Bharadwai, the demure professor from small-town Haryana who surprises Mohan with her ardour and sexual energy; Molly Gomes, the free-spirited masseuse from Goa, mistress of the sensual impulse; and Susanthika Goonatilleke, the diminutive seductress from Sri Lanka.


He already writes in the beginning of the book that the book can be alternatively titled as “Fantasies of an Octogenarian. The Diary of A Young Girl. Love cannot last very long without lust. The end is sure tragic but somehow I was expecting it as I was halfway done with the book.

Unfortunately, in India, matches are based on factors which should be secondary. Lala Achint Ram was keen to have an “America-returned”, highly educated boy as his son-in-law to add respectability and sophistication to all the benefits of wealth that he already had. They kept gaping at me compay if envying their sister-in-law for having landed khyshwant husband who was more handsome and better educated than their own husbands.

It is cold, certainly not erotic. Oct 21, Poonam Garvan rated it did not like it. The Company of Women. What I didn’t like at all is the fact that, when Mohan gets married, he never tries to love his wife.

In America I had got all the sex I wanted. Full review at https: