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His wife was Anna, his name was John Ernst Worrell Keely and I believe they had at least one son. It would be interesting to track any relatives. John Keely was probably the best inventor of all times in my opinion. Nikola Tesla was probably second to John in my view. John Keely got to the very heart of. H2O EXTRACTS GAS AND ATTRACTS MONEY. Born in Philadelphia on September 3, , John Ernst Worrell Keely worked various jobs as.

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It can only roll in one of two ways: The musical instruments consisted of 13 drums and six trumpets. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with keeoy other instruments making a terrible din.

John Ernst Worrell Keely

Alexander Scott of the Engineers Club could accompany him, and this was agreed to. Here, it is very important for us to remember that there are actually two different forces working together in the earth to create what we measure as gravity.

John Keely has said repeatedly keelg his writings that every object has a mass chord. While he could not give a timescale for when the graduation of the engine would be completed, Keely said that it would not be a wrorell period, and that when it was finished, one or more engines would at once be ordered.

The Keely and related literature has been entered into the SVPwiki. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Jarl filmed this spectacle on two different occasions just to prove that it was real, the English Society for which Dr. Continuously they brought new blocks to the meadow, and the monks using this method transported 5 keeely 6 blocks per hour on a parabolic flight track approximately meters long and meters high.

Keley was unaffected by weather and could rise above any storm. After three minutes of ascent it landed on the platform. As we shall see in the next wworrell paragraphs, the direction that the outside of the polarized CU is rolling will determine which force it absorbs more of. Behind each instrument was a row of monks.


Keely greeted the reporter but did not seem to be in a talkative mood as he appeared quite busy. Wilson, who said that in he had entered joh an agreement with Keely, whom he had originally engaged to varnish furniture.


Behind Majestic with David Wilcock https: We learn from one of our contemporaries that the stockholders met in Philadelphia on the 26th, and waited with great excitement for a report from Keely.

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A bubble is suspended in water in the center of a spherical flask by the use of directed sound fields. The Earth has a magnetic field that is johh like a spherical torus, but gravity moves uniformly throughout its surface; nothing will appear heavier on the north or south pole than it will on the rest of the Earth. Page actions Print Share Send link. Keely was harnessing Sound, Light, Heart, Mind and Will to operate revolutionary new machinery and to improve Life and health.

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He later reported that he suggested to Keely that it would be a more complete test of his power if he would discharge a large reservoir which he showed his guests, and then recharge it using his worrelll. The sound from the musical instrument made the wire vibrate which in turn struck a chord with the weight.

I take water and air, two mediums of different specific gravity, and produces from them by generation an effect under vibrations that liberates from the air and water an inter atomic ether. During this time, mainstream physics still considered the aether model to be correct, as the aftereffects of the Michaelson-Morley experiment would not keeoy fully felt until the 20th century.

John Ernst Worrell Keely – Wikipedia

So, to summarize this point, we can say that: This is an astoundingly small amount of energy actually hitting the 1. Jarl was working confiscated wofrell two films and declared them classified. Backlinks 03 – On the Ear 1. Some of these concepts can require a great deal of mental flexibility. So, Keely could clearly see that vibration was the underlying key to all physical matter.

A further demonstration was given, of a rotating iron globe suspended on an axle, which was used eorrell saw some wood.

Our continuing research and experimentation has yielded considerable understanding of how this ubiquitous and universal natural rotation occurs.

October 30, Hits: John could make this weight weightless simply by harnessing the power of the etheric vapour which was stored and used with his liberator and other devices which were stored on his person. No vacuum is required within the tornado itself, as was observed in the case from Texas, as this is an energetic process.


He believed that all matter, all aether, all Love, all Light, all Life, all the Universe ultimately emanates from this one single point of energy, which can be called God or The One. Although John Keely mentioned this phenomenon in his own work, general credit is given to H.

Atlin – What is it? Please visit the SVPwiki. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Elephant-pictures. The secret is in the geometric placement of the musical instruments in relation to the stones to be levitated, and the harmonic tuning of the drums and trumpets.

The four experts were named as Dr. The Tibetan monks were in a degree circular formation, exactly one-fourth the size of a complete circle. On January 3, an injunction was granted against Keely on behalf of complainant Bennett C. SVP empowers you to change and transform your life or develop new technologies. Your email address will not be published.

Keely declined to do this, on the grounds that it would take two hours – despite his many statements that he could generate force in a few seconds – and that the reservoir worrekl been “carefully negatized”. Pythagoras was misunderstood; and Socratesand Jesusand Lutherand Copernicusand Galileoand Newtonand every pure keelj wise spirit that ever took flesh. Keely announced that he had discovered a principle for power production based on the musical vibrations of tuning forks and that music could resonate with atoms or with the aether.

However, all you need to do is look up at the Moon on any given night, and you can see the proof that this is not what happens! Keely felt no acceleration because he was trapped within the spherical bubble of energy that prevented the aether meely from changing inside.