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You’ve been outbid on lot(s). Home. > Auction Product: qualifiavr Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) . There was a brief reference made to the Jamo AVR earlier today, but it’s perhaps worthy of it’s own thread. Basically, I’m in the market for. Danish Jamo, with a reputation for Europe’s largest manufacturer of acoustics, increasingly manifests itself in the AV-electronics. Design AVR deliberately.

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JauntyAug 19, JUST into 2 channel music now! Aug 20, at As a result there’s always enough current to keep a tight ‘grip’ on speakers. Behold my first and last AVR.

Firstly, it’s looks – WOW!

Jamo Receivers and DVD Player Preview | Audioholics

Aug 18, at Headquartered in Denmark, the company currently operates in more than 80 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. I have moved out of movies. Just one of the factors which distinguishes an excellent amplifier from merely acr good one. Your nickname or email address: Then alas, some chunky bills came in don’t they always?!

High quality look, feel but most importantly – it sounds absolutely fantastic!

JAMO AVR Channel Watt Receiver | eBay

All the components feature the minimum in the way of buttons plus solid 4mm brushed aluminium front panels. Such things going at such ridiculous prices!


Get it before it’s gone.

Thats one hell of a risk one is forced to take! On the rear panel the AVR also sports 3 optical and 3 coaxial digital inputs the AVR has 2 optical2coaxial plus a 7. Well connected For total flexibility the DVD includes all the outputs you’ll need: Oh, and we don’t use spring-clips You asking about the e or e’s?

Jamo Receivers (AVR-693, AVR-793) – has anyone heard them?

You must log in or sign up to reply here. But it will ruin the 2nd hand price Simplicity, functionality and honesty are the cornerstones of every Jamo product.

All new units would sound harsh initially. What’s new New posts Latest activity.

Basically, I’m in the market for an AV amp Is is still under warranty? Not everyone appreciates the glaring differences of hi-end to mass market stuff! And great job maintaning the amp. All of which means this is a range that will blend into and grace your home environment rather than make it look like a mad professor’s laboratory! These not only give the products a beautiful appearance and feel, but also ensure a very stable construction, further enhancing video and sound quality.


Aug 19, at 9: My Moviestars were bitingly shrill when installed and the sweetness came only after hours of play. All other territories will be clased as “worldwide” and will have the switch. In some ways you could call it a collector’s item. Original value U.

Here’s the inside information For those unfamiliar with it, DivX is to movies what Aavr is to music. Gonna go do more auditions in coming days, at this rate I fear I wont find something I like and might have to stick to the avr.

Possibly, what you heard now, were brand new units. Naturally both receivers have digital inputs wvr the front panel – a single optical for the AVR, an optical and coaxial for the AVR Aug 20, at 7: Jun 13, Messages: Hello, I am moving, so converting home theater into stereo setup for rest of tech unfriendly: