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Izmišljanje tradicije. No description Transcript of Izmišljanje tradicije. Problem definisanja pojma TRADICIJA Izmišljanje tradicije. stvarnost, Beograd, ; ; Hobsbaum Erik, Rejndžer Terens (), Izmišljanje tradicije, Beograd, ; Hobsbaum, Erik, () O istoriji, Beograd. Hobsbom [Hobsbawm], Erik, Terens Rejndžer Izmišljanje tradicije [The invention of tradition]. Belgrade: Biblioteka XX vek. Măran, Mircea Localităţi .

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Vinčanski simboli – Wikipedia

Log In Sign Up. Tre- vor-Roper; Morgan, L,2 95 72 I: VIV 6,9?

Levenda G72 95 In Archeological Fantasies, ed. London and New York: Institute for Etruscan Studies.

In Metals and Societies: Studies in Honour of Barbara S. In Praistorija jugoslavenskih zemalja, vol. In Cambridge Ancient History Vol. Unholy Alliance, London, New York: The late neolithic Tordos group of signs.

Semiotic approach to the features of the “Danube script”. The Logic of Scientific Discovery.


Izmišljanje tradicije by Marija Losic on Prezi

The Radiocarbon Revolution and Prehistoric Europe. The Story of Writing. Thames and Hudson Roska, M If the VinYa script once really existed who could have written or read it? The Search for the Etruscans. Aleksandar Palavestra The Invention of tradition: VinYa script The problematic term the VinNa script denotes a number of incised ornaments and signs on the surface of the pottery of the VinYa culture — one of the most important “cultures” of the South Eastern European Neolithic.

The modes of use and abuse of this phenomenon of and the very term the VinNa!

During the 19th and first half of the 20th century, the idea of a script in the Neolithic cultures of South Eastern Europe surfaced occasionaly as an argument for the short “historical” chronology and Near Eastern influences.

During the s the idea of the VinNa script emerges again in Serbia, this time, as an invented tradition, from the pseudo-scholar circles, and is massively supported ozmisljanje the media. The VinNa script becomes the central motif of a much larger pseudo- scholar movement: Unfortunately, over the last years the term the VinNa script — falsely represented by the media as a new and equally valid interpretive paradigm — seeps into the general public discourse, and even into archaeology itself.


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