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Nowoczesne technologie inżynierii powierzchni. Module name in English . Blicharski B., Inżynieria powierzchni, WNT, Warszawa 2. Hryniewicz T. M. Blicharski, Inżynieria powierzchni, WNT, Warszawa, L. Li, The advances and characteristics of high-power diode laser materials processing. prognozowania rozwoju inżynierii powierzchni materiałów. Literatura. J. Smolik .. M. Blicharski, Inżynieria powierzchni, WNT, Warszawa,

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Application of semi-friction stir processing method for improvement the product surface. The paper deals with the application of semi-Friction Stir Processing s-FSP to the improvement of facing surface contact within the flange joints used in casings of high-voltage switchgears which are filled with electroinsulating SF6 gas.

Blicharski, Marek ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

The goal of the research was to design the appriopriate tool shape and size as well as to select parameters for this s-FSP process which results in the removal of casting defects from the surface layer of the final product. The proposed process does not require the usage of sophisticated devices inynierix tilting the tool relative to the treated surface during the process, what takes place in the Powiegzchni process.


The process is useful for repairing the defective castings, and in the case of high-voltage switchgears, it allows to achieve the required tightness of the joints. Friction stir welding and processing.

Blicharski, Marek (1941- ).

Friction stir welding of Al-Cu-Mg-Ag alloys. Microstructural and flow characteristics powierzzchni friction stir welded aluminium T6 extrusions. A model of material flow during friction stir welding.

Mechanical properties of Al T6 welds by friction stir welding and metal inert gas welding. Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded aluminum T6 extrusions. Friction stir welding of aluminuum T Extrusions for Aerospace Applications. Seattle, Washington, USA A thermal model of friction stir welding in aluminum alloys.

Friction stir welding of aluminium T extrusions. A thermal model of friction stir welding applied to aluminium T extrusions.

Odkształcanie i pękanie – Marek Blicharski • BookLikes (ISBN)

Microstructure evolution in friction stir welded aluminum alloys. Exfoliation corrosion behavior of friction stir welded AAT76 extrusions. Friction stir welding of aluminium alloys. High strain rate superplasticity in a friction stir processed Al.

  AR8031 AL1A PDF

Aluminium i stopy aluminium. New method of manufacturing the gradient structure materials on the industrial scale and their application.