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Inside the Spaceships has 63 ratings and 13 reviews. David said: When believers of UFOs divide into the usual 2 camps of Religious or Scientific, a str. George Adamski (17 April – 23 April ) was a Polish American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed spaceships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, . In his book Inside the Space Ships, Adamski claimed that Orthon. Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski (). excerpt from the book: I had to remind myself that, after all, they too were human beings and, no matter how.

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He had a round boyish face, a fair complexion and eyes of grayish blue. This, I believe, was the only part of the ship to contain two complete decks within one quadrant. So the proper term for that is not democracy; it’s plutocracy. In doing so, you learned well that it is not only useless, but often dangerous, to give more knowledge than can be absorbed or understood.

George Adamski’s Inside the Spaceships Artist’s Conceptions

Slowly, very slowly, we drew nearer until we were almost on top of the great carrier. It had not been hovering above the ground, but was set down firmly on its huge three-ball undercarriage. There spaveships no identifying markings whatsoever to be seen on our planet. Just as I had been unable to find any trace of an entrance door into the Scout of my first encounter, now there was no sign of the door that had closed behind us; only what looked like solid wall.


I saw no books, papers or reading matter of any kind, nor did I see any shelves or cases in which something of this kind might be kept. Some are good men and do not want war. An amazing sight met my eyes!

Ilmuth, like Firkon, was an inhabitant of the planet Mars. The decision rests with us. Many Earth scientists are hoping that, in the not too distant future, they will succeed in building space ships like ours for interplanetary travel.

Men high in the governments dpaceships your world have been contacted by us. The Scout Ship from Saturn Time slipped by with no more meetings with my friends from other worlds. Although this does not very often happen, we are always prepared.

Ruppelt believed “the common undertone to many of these [contactee] stories But amongst these there is often a selfish motive toward self-promotion and personal gain rather than the universal motive of service to others and mutual welfare.

Some rubbing to ends of spine. He was the first, and most famous, of the so-called contactees of the s.

We understand you people better than most of you know yourselves and can plainly see the reasons for many of the unhappy conditions that surround you. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is difficult to describe anything so unfamiliar and complicated after seeing it for the first time. The other georgs were covered with landscape scenes of some of the planets which this ship had visited.


Inside the Spaceships

Kalna and Ilmuth aren’t very close fits to GA’s descriptions, though the versions there do capture the ballroom-finery look. Once again it was beautifully illuminated by the same mysterious soft light without obvious source. His questioning look seemed to ask if he had made the principle clearer. Therefore, since we of this world are dependent on our own kind of names for one another, I shall provide them. Whatever the reason, I felt very humble, and very grateful.

Inside the Spaceships by Adamski, George

But they are limited by the Law of Karma in how much they are allowed to help us. We wanted the truth of this meeting to reach as far as possible. However, you will find that this alloy contains the same metals found on your Earth, since they are much the same on all planets.

Many of these are outdoor affairs — on our beaches or in our gardens. They could not explain where they had been without being branded as lunatics and confined in a mental institution.

Now, as we sat around the table, all eyes turned to the spaecships space man as he began to speak. The car was a four-door black Pontiac sedan. Turning to our left, we now walked along one of the corridors. It is an ongoing process.