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If you are seeking professional registration you will need to demonstrate your ability to meet competences described in the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC. UK-SPEC is made up of five high-level competence requirements (A – E). All applicants must demonstrate an adequate level of specialist mechanical. Use the best examples from all your MPDS reports to show how you have met the competence. Remember: you must edit your application form before you press.

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You still have the benefit of having a competwnce supporting you but, SRS simply provides a structured approach to help your Initial Professional Development IPD ; you are able to self-monitor your progress and once ready, you will need to apply for professional registration via the Standard-route.

This will help you familiarise yourself with what you have written in advance of your professional review interview. No, but you can keep a simple framework of planning, quarterly reports and annual assessments if you want to.

Submitting Plans and Evidence is optional. New engineering manager 2 day qualification Coventry. Benefit from an internationally recognised qualification Be recognised as a professional and competent engineer Improve your long-term earning potential Increase your exposure to new career opportunities Build new relationships: We have an arbitration and appeals process, whereby applicants who are dissatisfied with the process may appeal within a given timeframe.

Please note there are no refunds for MPDS fees. Attend technical events to deepen your understanding of the latest engineering trends, reports and thought leadership. Javascript Disabled Please enable Javascript on your browser to view our courses.

Find out about Career developer. Engineering Consultancy Member to Fellow.

WHY professional registration?

The programme provides the tools, support and guidance you need to achieve professional registration as efficiently as possible, in a flexible framework that fits around your schedule. Manufacturing Industries Case study: Business development support If you’d like to help your engineers or students move forward on the path to professional registration, why not ask one of our Business Development Managers to deliver a presentation at your office, university or college?


If you’re living in India you can pay your fees in rupees.

Governance Our people Annual review Our vision Work for us. The minimum competence levels expected before you can make an application for professional registration are three level 3s and two level 2s. Their academic knowledge is at bachelor’s level or competsnce. However, if you feel like your mentor is always forgetting to review your work, you should consider finding a new one.

The professional review interview is a mandatory part of the membership process. Contact the membership team if you have any questions about joining us. If you have not uploaded any reports within the year, you will need to follow the standard application process to become professionally registered and gain membership of the Institution.

You can use the Qualifications Checker tool to check whether you meet the academic requirements. If you have a question about Continuing Professional Development, please contact us.

Chartered Engineer – IMechE

Higher Education Establishments Case study: Find out more about academic requirements. This online form has been designed to allow you to complete it in sections, at a time that is convenient for you. If you are an employer, find out how MPDS can help your organisation. Your mentor will have to assess your experience on or before you register on the MPDS company scheme. Once you have completed all sections of the form you will be asked to enter the details of your credit or debit card for the application fee — no other forms of payment are available at this time.

Find out how to join us. At any time you can save your progress and exit the form. Mentoring skills 1 day short-course London. Career developer Career developer is an online tool which helps you plan, record and review your experience throughout your career.


Access to one of the best engineering libraries in the world Networking opportunities with other engineers in your region Discounts on training, events and conferences Access to Support Network — practical advice and financial support to you and your family Use of the business centre at our London headquarters Access to healthcare, insurance, legal advice and financial advice services Subscription to our monthly magazine and online newsletter Read more about the benefits of membership.

The interview will take approximately 45 minutes. If you’re calling from outside the UK, use the number below.

Building your career

The table below also shows the score they have awarded to each piece of evidence the developing engineers have submitted. Read our definition of mechanical engineering to find out more. Our engineering training brochure contains imche dates for our public training programmes in five UK locations. You should try and meet up with your mentor at least once every quarter.

You can apply to become a Chartered Engineer if you are a practicing engineer and want to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. Any presentations or reports you wrote Feasibility studies Meetings with suppliers and customers Process and design reviews Responsibilities Avoid all jargon.

Here at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers the Institutionwe welcome engineers from a very comprehensive base of experience and disciplines. Water Industry Case study: View our Previous Experience Claims Guide for more information. This also holds true for those who may have progressed to a role which is predominantly managerial or outside direct, hands-on engineering.