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A Ruger SP is likely in my future. I learned of a series of books called IBOK’s ( Iowegan’s Books of Knowledge). They used to be available for. I bought a new SP a few days ago, did the IBOK action smoothing, and then decided to try giving it a mirror polish. I have a lot of experience. Post subject: SP mods. Post . He re-did the IBOK, removed the offending schematic and added LOTS more pics and now he charges for it.

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Ruger GP Due to copyright iboi the schematic had to be removed. Join Date Aug Posts 7, Wilson and Trapper also make spring kits but the Wolff set gives several spring choices.

The SP101 Club

Hammer reaches the cocking sp10 and is held to the rear by the SA sear. I am curious if the newer models are made differently from the old ones. The critical mass portion of the hammer is the spur and above. Cylinder latch is released and pops up to ride on the cylinder.

Transfer bar, hammer and firing pin relationship: Their revolvers are due for the same type of improvement. In this case, a gunsmith is highly recommended. Using ap101 grinding compound and a cloth patch hand powered on a cleaning rod works best. Set the rest of the gun aside for now. Best front sight ever made for a SP, day or night. It too must be very smooth.


Ruger 3 1/16 Ruger SP now what [Archive] – The Firing Line Forums

Place endshake bearing s on the crane tube and insert the crane into the cylinder. This will give an indication on how deep the Range Rod has been inserted when testing. Ruger and I are going shooting And, I couldn’t find any.

Also which you may already know, I’d ibol taking the trigger apart inside a Ziploc baggie.

You have no idea how great that makes me feel that you think so highly of my blog. Pull the crane part 51 out of the cylinder. Use a paper clip iobk wire as a follower and insert it into the trigger pivot pin hole. As the trigger is pulled: Tried to get the factory DAO, but no one had one in stock, so I bought one with the spurred hammer. When you reassemble, the strut must be installed the same exact way it came out.

I know it is temping, but know what you have before you change things that can’t be “unchanged”. You will lose a token amount of velocity, typically fps for a magnum load. All Ruger stainless guns also have stainless steel internal parts.

I removed the pin but all replacement sights found are not drilled for a pin. Chamfering the mouths will not restrict using full power loads nor will it have any other adverse affect. Ibo, the trigger guard assembly into position. I don’t mind so much the hard pull, but I am trying to smooth it out for my wife who has tiny hands. Due to copyright issues the schematic had to be removed.


Do the same test in DA by pulling the trigger and watching the cylinder latch. I do like those bead blasted inserts, nice fit to the rubber. Test the ejector rod by pushing it in and allowing it to spring back. You should iboj the spring tension of the firing pin ibpk.

I simply removed the grips, used duct tape around the trigger where it goes into the framecovered the grip frame in leather and put the gun in a vise, then used a Dremel Sp?

The exceptions are the springs where stainless is inferior. The tip of the pawl catches the right leading edge of the ratchets to rotate the cylinder. Warning An improper trigger job can render a revolver useless or result in a dangerous malfunction. In particular, he wants a strong fast trigger return so the trigger stays in contact with his finger as it moves forward for the next shot.

I recommend adding the Adblock Plus extension free to your browser, which does a great ibk blocking ads, like this one Lift the sight off. Managed to get it apart and then barely managed to get it back together. Thank you for all the detail! Tweet this thread Share on Facebook Reddit!