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Download Manual for Model 55HDS69 HITACHI PLASMA PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects. Hitachi 55hds69 manual pdf hyundai santa fe parkers kizashi manual transmission personal cinema camry factory. For the latest information, always consult the current HITACHI Service Manual. A subscription to, or additional copies of HITACHI Service Manuals may be.

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Electrostatically Sensitive ES Devices Some semiconductor solid state devices can be damaged easily by static electricity. Special device cables will beaccording to the own devicespecifications.

Before purchasing any cables, be sure of the output and input connector types required by the various components and the length of each hitacji. Do not remove a replacement ES device from its protective package until immediately before you are ready to install it.

Hitachi 55HDS69 – UltraVision HDS Series Manuals

When the selected picture is Component or HDMI signal and audio out is monitor, monitor out is no picture and no audio. Always remove the test instrument hitacji lead last. Work quickly to avoid overheating the circuit board printed foil or components. Below are illustrations and names of common connectors.

Voltage IWP1 1 2. Use these connections in place of the standard video connection if your device has thisfeature. Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Hitachi 55HDS When a Digital channel is viewed in the main picture,the Digital or Analog channel can not be viewed inthe sub picture.


Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Press [ATjbuttons to select as follows. Voltage IT12 1 2 2 0 3 1. Route the jumper wire along the path of the cut-away copper pattern and let it overlap the previously scraped end of the good copper pattern. Without pulling up, carefully twist the component with tweezers to break the adhesive.

Safety is also foremost in our minds in the design ofthese units.

Standard capacitors may also be limited for the same reason. Use any Hitachi remote control when making an adjustment. The third screen below will appear if a channel is not authorized for viewing. Always unplug the instrument AC power cord from the AC power source before: Press the EXIT button to return the picture tomotion.

Lead solder can be used, but there is a possibility of failure due to insufficient strength of the solder. The Plasma TV surface temperature is higher than a Cathode-ray-tu hitacyi. This remote is designed to operate different types ofDVD players. This feature allows you to view Digital Channels andVideo inputs on both the main picture and sub picturesimultaneously, with separate control. The following guidelines and procedures should be followed whenever this condition is encountered.


There are no holes in the board to mount standard transistors or diodes. For 55hes69 performance, video cables should use Ohm coaxial shielded wire.

Full text of “Service Manual: Hitachi 55HDS69 55HDT79 55HDX99 DW2U PA [SM]”

Desolder and straighten each 1C lead in one operation hitacni gently prying up on the lead with the soldering iron tip as the solder melts. Such new versions will be similar in spirit to the presentversion, but may differ in detail to address new problems orconcerns.

Your local TVprogram guide denotes these programs asor. Release the VCR button. Need to be adjusted. Furthermore, where a short circuit has occurred, replace those hifachi that indicate evidence of over heating. Checking Procedure 1 Check the brightness as below.

Specifically for Service use only. You must give prominent notice with each copy of the workthat the Library is used in it and that the Library and its use arecovered by this License. These components are affixed with glue. Please note that this is not a malfunction.