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Korean folktale about two brothers. Get the resources for teaching this story here – Korean Short Story I: Heungboo and Nolbu 흥부와 놀부. Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Nolbu and Heungbu. Nolbu was rich but greedy. Heungbu. Here is the story of Heungbu and Nolbu. Older brother Nolbu is greedy and cruel, while younger brother Heungbu is kind and good-hearted.

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Next Post Flash Fiction: This time a number of debt collectors appeared. Only one young swallow escaped death.

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Hungbu and Nolbu the story of two brothers a Korean folktale

The story of the two brothers Hungbu and Nolbu is one of the most typical and popular of all Korean folk tales. Convinced that the other gourds contained gold, Nolbu struggled and managed to open another gourd.

znd He planted the seed in his thatch and it was soon groaning with the weight of the gourds. There are many variations of this story, several of which can be read, or watched, on-line. Then from out of the red bottle came a large quantity of timber.

The plant yielded gourdsand when they were ready to eat, Heungbu and his family split a gourd in half. One day, Heungbu saw that a snake was crawling up a tree near his house to eat a swallow. Then Heungbo splits his fortune equally with Nolbu and they both live happily ever after.

You must be logged in to post a comment. The rumour that Heungbu was wealthy spread throughout anv entire town and reached Nolbu.

Hungbu and Nolbu the story of two brothers a Korean folktale – Patrick and Cindy Kirkbride

Repay your loans or else we will take everything from you. However, Nolbu tricked Heungbu’s family and threw them out in order to keep the entire fortune to himself.


Then he rubbed some ointment on the injured leg, wrapped it up with string, and placed no,bu bird back in its nest. Heungbu went home to his starving family and saved a nest of sparrows from a snake.

His compassionate brother took pity on him and welcomed him beungbu. So, he immediately built a swallow’s nest and waited for a swallow heungnu come and make heugbu home there. I want to compare this story with the Golden Touch because both of these stories have lessons in it just like the story Heungbu and Nolbu. He demanded to be told how his younger brother had managed to become so rich in such a short span of time.

Greed, an excess of desire for something, is an unpleasant characteristic to posses. The swallow which Hungbu had helped also flew back chirping cheerfully. The swallow brought Nolbu a gourd seed the following spring, and Nolbu planted it. Heungbu had cared for the sparrow well, but Nolbu just carelessly cared for the sparrow, rarely giving it any attention.

Thursday’s Tale: Heungbu and Nolbu

The good brother is the young one, which is common enough, but his goodness is capable of influencing the bad guy. This tale centers around a perverse man called Nolbu. Heungbu and Nolbu were brothers. The bird dropped a gourd seed in front of the waiting Nolbu. Long, long ago, there were two brothers. Nolbu, soon came across with the information about Heungbu being rich.

It is now told as a popular bedtime story for Korean children. One of the sparrows broke its leg and Heungbu healed it. Instead of making real offerings to his ancestors, he wrote words on pieces of paper.

I also think that both of these characters deeply heunggu their greediness after their decision they had made in the story. In due course, Nolbu threw one of the swallows out of the nest and broke its leg.


Then the nymph said, “Now you must build a large mansion here. The sparrow flew off to Gangnam which was some magical land back then and talked to some mystical creature about how his life was saved. One day, the generous brother, Heungbu had found a sparrow that had a broken leg. Then it happened that one unfortunate swallow did come and hatched some baby swallows there. Looking at the two remaining gourds, she said, “Come out!

This site uses cookies to enhance nolbk experience and to make it load faster. Then, when the gourds appeared, Nolbu immediately split open one gourd to see what was inside.

Send us a quick email nolby any questions or inquiries, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. In handwritten and printed forms, the story of the two brothers is known by several different but similarly phrased titles, including Hungbo-jon “The Story of Hungbo” and Pak Hungbo- jon “The Story of Mr. After a few days, the seed began to sprout. He cared for the swallow and, in the late summer, the swallow flew south with its family.

I hope that these tales would spread more and more, and more children can listen to these folktales and become memories as well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

The Words of the Kirkbride Family. Were working on getting it translated and finding photos so if you want to see that, consider heuungbu to our weekly email or liking us on facebook.

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