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Tube FZH or Röhre FZH ID, IC – Integrated Circuit, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in general and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Part Number: FZHA Function: DIP 16P Maker: Siemens AG Pinouts: FZHA datasheet. Description: Datasheet PDF Download. FZH Datasheet, FZH PDF, FZH Data sheet, FZH manual, FZH pdf, FZH, datenblatt, Electronics FZH, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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For metal can applications, where V z is required, an external 6. The window discriminator analyses the height of the input voltage between two externally adjustable limits. Thus the resistance relationship are: TCA Wl is particularly suitable for proximity switches.

For single amplifier performance, see the TBA data sheet. With adequate external circuitry several IC’s can be connected in series. The switching-point is adjustable by resistor. In order to receive pulses with a steady duty cycle at the output, symmetrical pulses must be given to the input.

Machinery Division, Siemens Department E. As shown in block diagram, picture 1, switching through is carried out by means of operational amplifiers as impedance transformer circuit. Group R 5 II 1. It can also be used in measuring systems of dc should remain within the tolerated deviations from the required values. Thus, cross-talking can be improved. The selection can be carried out by merely touching the sensor plates. In addition, these circuits contain a voltage stabili- zation and are especially well suited for an application in proximity switches, light beam- and other contactless switching applications.

J ‘ “10 OdBMV eff v. The circuit is balanced. If a phototransistor is used, the diode current is additionally controlled by ambient light. Selection of a new channel is not possible. The amplifier has class-B push-pull output and is furnished in single-in-line package.


Any kind of ad- justment, as for instance to 18 V, is enabled by suitable voltage dividers.

Datasheet archive on 17-10-2006

All outputs have open collectors which are supplying up to 50 mA for the control of small relays, glow lamps, LED’s. This integrated circuit has been designed to be driven from the TBA synchronous demodulator integrated circuit. Switching through of the tuning voltage The switching through of the tuning voltage was subject to particular care during develop- ment.

In addition to the usual mixer applications in receivers, con- verters and demodulators for AM and FM, the S can be used as an electrical polarity switch, multiplier etc. Test conditions min typ max K 1. Defects affecting the function in a minor way electrical data too low or too high, noiss 6tc. BA T’ according to required current e. To be noted are its high regulation accuracy, its large supply voltage range and the possible current saving.

An additionally available control voltage pin 12 permits control of a RF-pre- amplifier stage.

Engcomach Manila Saudi Arabia E. Without phototransistor suffices a fixed resistance which must have approx.

It is particularly suitable for control systems as follow-up and adjusting control device with dead space. The voltage difference between pins 16 and 3 corresponds thereby to the possible indication range. The SAS also contains an auxiliary circuit SB by means of which all inputs can be blocked stand-by operationand a current generator CG as common operating resistance for the separator amplifier OP’s of all stages.

A positive signal at “1” results in a negative signal at output 3.


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The group number is daatsheet on the plastic package. Figure 2 shows the possibility of rendering this resistance adjustable by means of a phototransistor BP in order to adapt the light intensity to changing ambient brightness.

It includes a pre-emphasis to balance the de-emphasis at the AF-output. Thereby are resulting par- ticularly few harmonic mixing products and whistling points. Automatic mono-stereo switching and manual stereo-mono switching forced mono. All definitions refer to symmetrical supply voltages. From AGC of catasheet RF amplifier a vol- tage is derived for a tuning meter which is connectable directly.

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In analogy to the input voltage, the discrete LED’s are forming at the output a light spot. The relationship between the control voltage and the reference voltage can be determined simply by choosing identical dwtasheet dividers at pins 7, 6, and 3. These circuits are applicable as limiter amplifiers, as controlled demodulators or modulators or as mixers with excellent suppression of the input frequency. Unity gain frequency compensation is achieved by means of a single 30 pF capacitor.

By means of its amplitude-controlled oscillator, the TDA is particularly suited for applications with varicap diodes. The 22 nF capacitor be- tween pins 8 and 11, together with the integrated resistor R 30, constitutes the de-emphasis and may be reduced if required. Input voltages beyond the selected display range cannot be determined.