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Fostex MR MR-8, Digital Multrack-studio from Fostex. 10 user reviews · avg used price: $99 Warning, this average price is older than 6 months. Find great deals for Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Fostex MR-8 8 tracks of ultra-friendly digital at a cassette-recorder price. By Reg Hamilton. I had begun to think there was something inherent in the nature of.

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There’s a built-in mic so you can record notes to yourself about setting levels and such. Fostex continue to develop quality products for Professionals and Hifi enthusiasts. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I just plugged in, armed the track, hit Play and Record at the same time, and did my stuff. Then with the touch of another button you can turn tracks 7 and 8 into a stereo WAV file ready for export to a computer. Or you can fill up all eight tracks and send them out as audio signal.

Also, there is really no way to have two different effects. I love my unit and even if i could afford it right now, i don’t believe i’d be purchasing a bigger unit simply because of the ease of use and portability of the mr8.

Sampling excellent, high quality sound. MIDI sync out, chain play mode, signature and tempo maps, bar offset, click level, song libraries, and on and on are available to be used as your grasp of digital recording gets tighter.

I had begun to think there was something inherent in the nature of digital recording that prevented a simple, straightforward user interface suitable for your average non-geek musician. But hey, there are connections!

That’s why we arranged to get the MR-8 fosex stock before anyone else in the world. It seems to be well constructed for its price. I hardly even had to use the manual to figure things out. The one thing that I don’t really like about the unit is the way that memory is stored. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.


A new dial knob for menu selection. The fostrx effects on the mr8 are pretty admirable for the low price. The usual functions are easily accessible and all this is very well explained in the manual with schmas and of the representatives of the unit step, we do not take the head for hours with phrases no sense head!

One of the things I really like about this unit is that you can operate it without getting too involved in layers of menus. Currently I have sold a Boss BR, as the pace box to include am interested in my compositions. Its also nice if you want to go somewhere like out in the woods because it can run on batteries and has a built in mic. I found many different options, though my price range was not significantly large.

The ultimate record-anywhere multitrack. The connection is complte, except possibly to be prinses RCA output to connect an amp show. In Detail 8-track recording onto CompactFlash Card.

All user reviews for the Fostex MR-8

Capture inspiration whenever and wherever you are. So by the time I get back to my complex digital recorder for another song, I’ve forgotten how to run the damn thing.

If you dont have that option you will definately need a bigger flash card. Log in Become a member.

Digital recording is so much easier than the old cassette types I used to use in many ways including ability to cut and paste and find your spot. I was disappointed that it is billed as an 8 track when to get 8 tracks, you have to first record 4 tracks and then bounce them and submix to track 5 and then record tracks again.


MR-8 MkII : 8-Track Digital Multitracker

It has only been good to me so far. I could quickly and easily lay down a number of tracks from my keyboard.

It can be operated almost entirely from the buttons and knobs on the top panel yet offers much deeper sophistication if desired. With the MR-8, Fostex has proven digital can be simple, and they’ve produced a fully functional digital recorder that costs less than many analog cassette multitrackers.


By putting all the major controls and functions right there on the top panel instead of buried in a confusing menu system, the MR-8 Mk II, unlike some other recorders, actually aids fostec in capturing your musical ideas. I was able to record as soon as i got my compact flash card a MB card comes with a new unit for storage, but i bought a MB compact flash card because i heard the wasnt enough space.

It ships with a MB card which will hold about 25 track minutes in high-res mode.

USB connection to computer works great. I went online to research products that allow you to do so. Technology advancements have made home recording simple and affordable. Fostex was founded by Foster Electric who have been developing ,r8 quality speaker components since The quality is great, i couldnt aske for fosteex.

Overall I recommend this unit to any aspiring musicians that are looking for a cheap and easy way to record their songs and expand their musical abilities.

The price quality ratio is excellent, and foxtex a choice really intelligent trs! Been trying to get ahold of someone at fostex to get replacement buttons but no luck yet Its a really easy to use digital 8 track, even though its more like a digital 6 track casue 4 of the channels are split into 2 dedicated mixdown channels, you can still record fosttex them only on the left or right channell, if you want stero you take up two tracks, other then that a great piece of euipment.

This web site uses cookies to deliver the best possible browsing experience for our visitors. All of this for just I acquired this unit so that I could record foetex parts of the songs that I write in order to write new parts over them. The ultimate record-anywhere multitrack. All come through fairly decent with the MR The result is that I grow shy of the recorder altogether.