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In my first blog post of , I covered a simple example of applying BlazeDS ‘s object remoting capabilities to associate a Flex client with a. 0. es. blazeds-spring-boot-example. Set up BlazeDS Download BlazeDS binary distribution from this URL Download Creating new Flex project with BlazeDS server configurations .. Can u suggest any tutorial to build a chat application with flex4 and blazeds4.

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Getting started with BlazeDS

Spring-Boot minimizes the configuration needed to configure a Spring application. It does this using so-called Spring-Boot starters.

Tktorial this Spring-Boot allows the inversion of the typical deployment. Usually a container is provided in which a Spring application is run in. Even if in theory an application server or a servlet container can host multiple applications, it is more a reality that usually one container hosts only a single application.


With Spring-Boot this concept is inverted and the application provides the container it needs. This makes it possible to create a Spring application in which individual Spring services are exposed via BlazeDS just by adding one Maven dependency, providing a services-config.

Important to note that the classifier of “exec” produces an executable war.

Executable wars are normal war archived, but they come with a bootloader, that allows to run the war as an executable jar from the commandline. Without this option you would be creating a simple war that you have to manually deploy in a servlet engine. The second important thing is that usually war files have futorial provide a web.

Last but most important is a reference to the blazeds-spring-boot-starter artifact, which pulls in all the BlazeDS magic. After creating this pom, we have generally setup the Spring-Boot part of the application. In order to activate the magic bllazeds the BlazeDS starter, we also need to provide a services-config.


As soon as this file is in place, BlazeDS is completely setup.

BlazeDS Tutorials and Guide -JavaBeat

But till now we would not be able blazeda access a single Spring service. In order to register a Spring service as remoting destination we need to annotate that service with the RemotingDestination annotation:.

This feature is a first version. Space shortcuts How-to articles.

BlazeDS – Wikipedia

A t tachments 0 Page History. Created by Christofer Dutz on Apr 06, The UniversalExceptionTranslator will handle logging of exceptions inside Spring.

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