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Exposicion de la Confesion Bautista de Fe de by Unknown Author. ( ). Exposición de la Confesión Bautista de Fe de Book. ISBN is associated with product Exposicion De La Confesion Bautista De Fe De , find barcode image, product images.

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Bautistas Reformados – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

To require the church to exercise discipline against doctrinal error without a published confession of faith is to require it to make bricks without straw. Apr 23, Ed rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m certain that these errors aren’t Dr. There isn’t much interaction with the Particular Baptists and their theology, or the historical circumstances in which they were writing.

The Confession holds, and Dr. Finally, Waldron has provided study questions for each chapter which might be a great tool in a Sunday School class or home study or something like that. I could not really find any disagreements with the Confession, so I feel home in it and Dde not ashamed bautists identify myself as a Reformed Baptist. I have been more and more interested in this stream of Reformed Theology.

Dec 31, Kenneth rated it it was amazing. This time I have taken the time to go through it with Sam Waldron which I though he did a very good job.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Jul 07, Nick Sommers rated it really liked it. More common are certain spelling errors – not words whose spelling is incorrect, but words that have the correct spelling but are the wrong words.

The London Confession which preceded the document says of baptism that “The persons designed by Se, to dispense this ordinance, the Scriptures hold forth to a preaching Disciple, it being no where tied to a particular church, officer, or person extraordinarily sent, the commission enjoining the administration, being given to them under no other consideration, but as considered Disciples.

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Only read through parts regarding covenant theology in chapter 7 and He acknowledges circumcision to have “demanded a new heart, indeed, but it did not profess a new heart” From their nature, and from the ubiquity of some of them, I suspect that they derive from the publisher scanning the text of a previous edition, running it through a spell checker, and then printing the book without any further editing – a sloppy procedure which, at least as to the lack of an actual person reading oa order to catch errors, seems to be proliferating like a virus these days.

Chapter 7 Of God’s Covenant is where my real problems with this volume come into view. I love it and that is exactly how I believe that God is, the Sovereign Bautieta over every molecule.

Brandon rated it it was amazing Bautisra 06, Hopefully, they will update it in the future, otherwise we’ll just have to wait for Samuel Renihan’s exposition of the that is in progress!

Later on, he adds that “the people of God in the New Covenant will not break the covenant as Israel did and also bautistw all the New Covenant people of God will know the Lord” If, as I suspect, the text of this edition comes from scanning the confeison of a previous publication, then creating such indexes would surely have been ve indexing software does exist, so that laborious manual indexing need not occupy anyone’s time.

There isn’t anything baurista here as to substance for those who adhere to the doctrines of grace, but because Dr. I could wish for a good editing job. Waldron charges paedo-baptists with defining the covenant of grace “in terms of the preparatory and typical covenants of the Old Testament period” The head of content relates almost entirely to one topic, and I’ll confine my comments to that topic – the question of who may baptize.

The complete text of the confession is included in each chapter, followed by an outline of the chapter, and finally the exposition. They fall into two heads – matters of production, and matters of content.


View all 3 comments. I have studied this topic extensively over the last 15 years, having previously served as an elder in a PCA church and in more recent confdsion embracing Federalism and serving in ARBCA churches.

Sometime later I got the recent Recovering a Covenantal Heritage volume.

Waldron also argues “covenant status was conferred irrespective of spiritual Only read through parts regarding covenant theology in chapter 7 and But hey, it’s his book! However, in defending that position Dr.

I found a lot to disagree with in chapter 25 Of Marriagewhere I felt the author ce beyond the Confession and rather offered an exposition of the Westminster Confession. For example, I don’t think his commentary on chapter 7 is an accurate represents the position in the Confession. The author did spend some time defining the LCF edits of the Westminster and Savoy documents which was helpful.

Waldron states that these officers – the elders or pastors, as you may prefer to call them; the terms in Scripture are interchangeable – may delegate the authority to baptize to another person, but they retain the responsibility for the ordinance.

One thing that was frustrating me, was the load of typos there. The publisher is British, and so the text uses British “inverted commas” rather than American quotation marks, but that’s not a problem – it’s odd to an American eye, but I’ve read enough British works that it doesn’t trouble me.

Particularly good is his chapter on Baptism, in which he gautista through many common arguments for paedobaptism with precision and brevity, and his commentary on chapter 31, where he excels in discussing death, the afterlife, etc.