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ETIOLOGIA DE LAS. MALOCLUSIONES. • ETIOLOGIA: causas de las anomalías de la oclusión dentaria. • Multifactorial • Consecuencia de las alteraciones. Alvarez Barron Jorge Alejandro. enfermedades. defectos desarrollo. congenitos. Factores generales: Herencia.. transposición. erupción avanzada. Alvarez Barron Jorge Alejandro. enfermedades. congenitos.. defectos desarrollo . Factores generales: Herencia. hipoplasias Anomalías de la erupción.

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These determinants, associated with genetic factors, will define the occurrence, type, and severity of facial, occlusal and muscular changes 6.

The SS comprises the following functions: Planning restorative treatment for patients with severe malocclusions. Los dientes supernumerarios son anomalias en el desarrollo dental que pueden estar o Dentro de los factores etiologicos de los dientes supernumerarios se La etiologia de los dientes supernumerarios no ha sido comprendida totalmente, sin embargo, algunos autores han postulado malovlusiones tratando de explicar su clinicos asociados con su etiologia durante la practica odontologica.

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With respect to the severity of harmful oral habits HOHrecent studies indicate prevalence of Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. This act influences the balance of SS structures, such as muscles and bones, favoring its development 23.

Los dientes supernumerarios son dientes adicionales que se desarrollan etiollogia los supernumerarios; se analizaron la edad y el genero, la etiologia, la prevalencia, la.

Analysis of the correlation between duration of HOHs and the functions of the SS showed that the maintenance of these habits for up to two and four years was associated with reports of changes in speech and occlusion. The effect of first molar loss on the dentition and the periodontium. Angle Orthodontist ;48 3: Exclusive breastfeeding duration was etjologia follows in percentage and number of children: Occlusal changes following posterior tooth loss in adults.


Oral habits are considered harmful based on some determining factors, such as duration, frequency, and intensity 5. The maloclusionee commonly observed oral habits were suction of conventional bottle and pacifier, onychophagia, lip suction, and thumb sucking. Chapter 6, Periodontal prosthesis; p.

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Supraeruption of the unopposed maxillary first molar. To verify the occurrence and associate the presence and duration of harmful oral habits with the structures and functions of the stomatognathic system. The stomatognathic system SS is composed of static and dynamic structures. Prevention of orofacial impairments based on the determination of the occurrence of HOHs is considered the best focus for the development of a healthy balance between the SS structures, as well as a better possibility of health promotion in the field of Speech-language Pathology within Primary Health Care, whose strategies are still not contemplated and available to the population.


Although the present study did not address socioeconomic issues, the population investigated is vulnerable, characterized mostly by families with one, two, or three children.

Malolcusiones addition, considering the age range between one and three years, questions regarding speech disorders were not answered. The presence and duration of harmful oral habits were associated with maloclusones perception of changes in the structures and functions of the stomatognathic system regarding occlusion, breathing, and speech, accounting for a significant portion of the demand for rehabilitation.


This information etiologoa findings of other studies 1021 and deserve attention because changes during these ages usually require intervention for the correction and rehabilitation of functions. A study of clinical parameters associated with the presence of oclusal interferences following posterior tooth loss. Data related to some variables of the research present variations due to the fact that the individuals were not able to recall information, as well as to the lack of responses, considering the age group involved.

Hirschfeld I, Geiger L.

Etiologia das Más Oclusões

Up to 4 years. Tooth retention and tooth loss in the permanent dentition of adults: The sociodemographic characteristics of the population included in this survey are described in Table 1.

Prevalence of the different types of HOH found in the child population is shown in Graphic 1. Correlation was observed between oronasal respiration and the fact of never having used conventional bottle or pacifier.

The dynamic relationship between pathologic migration teeth and inflammatory tissue in periodontal etiologiz Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. Studies have evidenced high prevalence of HOHs in different populations; however, the frequency of different types of habits changes according to the study, with the use of bottle and pacifier, onychophagia, and thumb sucking as the most commonly reported 691012