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Entanglement has ratings and 62 reviews. Jason said: A decent book on Entanglement. Suffers from my pet peeve in popular science books — which is. Can two particles become inextricably linked, so that a change in one is instantly reflected in its counterpart, even if a universe separates them?. With Entanglement, Aczel covers a pretty tough topic – the bizarre behavior of particles that become inextricably linked together; what Einstein.

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The author also starts each chapter with a brief introduction to the life of each famous physicist whose contributions were entahglement for in this book. The parts I liked most about this book were related to biographical and anecdotal facts about the scientists entangled with the entanglement’s discovery and research.

Abbastanza piacevole da leggere, anche se tradisce un po’ le attese.

Also by Amir D. Feb 28, Stephen Hackney rated it it was amazing. Aczel, a scientist himself, keeps the speculation grounded in math and science. I first came across the bizarre quantum phenomenon known as “Entanglement” while reading a book called The Large, the Small and the Human Mind by Roger Penrose, then I lost it at some point.

Aczel bit off more than he could chew in this work. The author, one of my Facebook friendsdied almost one year ago. Jul 29, Cara rated it liked it. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This works very well as a an audio book, despites some tables and formulae.

Superposition is the strange property that one or more quantum particles may have, in which the particles can actually be in multiple potentially observable simple states at the same time.

Einstein was right, this stuff is spooky, but how very interesting! Only in the last few pages does this book actually talk about the fact that entanglement has been proven as reality, and virtually no space is given to discussing what it mig Promising a discussion on one of the most fascinating topics in modern physics, this book disappoints.


Aczel non esita a sottolineare un aspetto epistemologico molto importante: The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth. These arrows are the mathematical essentials of the physical theory since they represent states of quantum systems. However, this concept violates the theory of special relativity, since communication between two places cannot occur faster than the speed of light.

I found this book to be interesting, but not the easiest book that is devoted to the idea of quantum entanglement.

Aczel was born in Haifa, Israel. Amir, like the fine science writer he was, covered a diversity of topics well — including my favorite, mathematics. The concept of immediacy presents a problem in that it would appear that such a factor working on the second part of the particle would be travelling at some infinite speed greater than the speed of light if the distance warrants such an action.

Gisin led a group that performed a key experiment that verified the nonlocal character of quantum entanglement.

Your Place in the Universe. Or that someone who wants an introduction to quantum mechanics would not want to start with a book that focuses on one aspect. This book provides a very personal account, entangllement from interviews with the participants.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Entanglement tells the astounding story of the scientists who set out to complete Einstein’s work. This book is light very light on the science and heavy on the history.

ENTANGLEMENT: The Greatest Mystery in Physics

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Showing of 70 reviews. Making this book interesting is the colorful scientists like Bohr, Heisenberg, Feynman, Dirac, etc.

If it weren’t for all of the rigoro I think more than a few entangled photons whooooshed right over my head while reading this book. Stay in Touch Sign up. Aczel has appeared on more than 30 television programs,… More about Amir D. Preview — Entanglement by Amir D. May 16, Odo rated it liked it Shelves: The coverage of entanglement itself goes through interesting experiments, but the interesting results and what they mean, how to interpret them, gets lost in explaining the history and setup to the experiments, without even doing a worthwhile job of describing what each acczel does.


Sep 24, Minutes. I understood little entangle,ent the subject matter, i. Aczel never, ever should have described the physicists in question as being “entangled” with each other – way too cheesy and the meaning of the quantum phenomenon gets undermined. To view it, click here. The final part of this section focuses on the idea of entanglement and on the results of producing an entangled quantum state. Julia Maier and Ottmar Ette.

Discover what to read next. I’m looking forward to reading My Search for Ramanujan: You would think that someone coming to a book on Entanglement would have read a few other accounts of quantum mechanics before and doesn’t need to re-read the familiar history starting from the Greeks through Planck and Bohr, Heisenberg and the rest of the early entamglement.

A good popular introduction to the strange science of entanglement. Spatial I first came across the bizarre quantum phenomenon known as “Entanglement” while reading a book called The Large, the Small and the Human Mind by Roger Acze, then I lost it at some point.

I have a background in physics, so know about the conventional QM, and read this book to get the recent entwnglement story.

To bail entanglementt out, he changed the focus of the book such that it became more a history of physics than a treatise on the phenomenon of entanglement. The book takes a while to get going, not just because of the biographical thumbnail sketches.

Amir Aczel – Wikipedia

Amir’s book starts out slowly and covers all the usual history of quantum mechanics, from Planck and Einstein onward. Sconsigliato ai seguaci del solipsismo. The books aczep us all the way up to recent physics accomplishments and is highly readable and informative. La maggior parte del testo racconta le vite degli scienziati che hanno lavorato sull’entanglement.