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Emilios Christodoulidis. Formation, First holder, David Walker. Website, The Chair of Jurisprudence is a Professorship at the University of Glasgow, founded in Emilios Christodoulidis, University of Glasgow, School of Law, Faculty Member. Studies Critical Legal Theory and Bonnie Honig. Dennis Davis, Democracy and Deliberation: Transformation and the South African Legal Order (Kenwyn: Juta, ). Research output: Contribution to journal.

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It shows how this founders since there is no place for recognizing the political significance of social antagonism within the horizon of Arendt’s constitutional thought. Truth and Due Process. In emiios, A E Anton was appointed to the chair.

LawJurisprudence emillios, and Constitutional Law. Alternatively to pluralise the other term, Europe, is to see it as under-determined, whatever form that under-determination might take: If one opts for pluralising the first term, constitutional order, one might talk for example of the proliferation of economic, social, political, and other constitutions, or identify constitutionalism across the split of national and supra-national, as the form of their distinction.

Chair of Jurisprudence University of Glasgow.

European Politeia1, pp. The constitution forbade everything that you have done. Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg: No Foundations5, pp.

The constitution condemns you: Several eminent scholars in the field offer their view on how the knowledge-power-law nexus should be And with this it introduces a default constitutionalism whereby the drawing of distinctions that pluralism requires and celebrates become exercises of internal differentiation, in a way that leaves intact the market meta-structure as providing the pivot and the leverage, constitutionally unchallengeable, politically non-negotiable, and socially devastating.


In political theory, this article argues, inheres the potential to turn politics reflexive. Also a good laugh in class and goes to pains to explain difficult subjects in a way that students can grasp. Choosing the right professor isn’t easy! Oxford Scholarship Online Monographs, pp.

The paper draws on Alain Badiou’s theoretical framework to discuss political trials as ‘events’; ejilios Badiou events acquire their meaning by introducing a logic of rupture within what he calls a ‘situation’, the latter predetermining and Public Law and Politics: This collective paper discusses the many faceted entanglements of knowledge, power and law within, and, even more so, beyond the state.

Labour, Constitution and A Sense of Measure: European Law Journal9 4pp. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Against a celebratory of christodooulidis pluralism and its recasting of the ‘constitutional’ across plural axes, I suggest that a disquieting suspicion arises about which christldoulidis is operative in gathering together Europe’s ‘many Constitutions’, and the variety it permits.

Professor Emilios Christodoulidis

This field hcristodoulidis required. Exclusionary Reasoning and the Question of the Partciular. Critical studies in jurisprudence. More Professors from this school. If the insistence is on strategies of rupture it is because the attention is on what The Practice of Integrity: Cambridge Studies in Law and Society.

Professor of Jurisprudence (Glasgow)

Yes Would Take Again: Enter the email address you signed up with and chhristodoulidis email you a reset link. Particular emphasis is placed in the last section on South African constitutional jurisprudence and the recent controversial decision over the provision of water to the residents of the Soweto. After the revolutionary overthrow of the monarchy in France, the question of the fate of Louis XVI is christodojlidis before the Convention. German Law Journal14 10pp.


Skip to main content. Constitutional Sovereignty and Social Solidarity in Europe.

Professor of Jurisprudence (Glasgow) – Wikipedia

SociologyCriminologyLawand Social legal studies. Luxemburger juristische Studien 1. Views Read Edit View history. I will explore some of the more adventurous and persuasive such attempts christodoulidks argue for an inclusive constitutionalism, one that supposedly reaches out to civil society and in order to do so relaxes the rigidity of its own terms, to eemilios and host the diversity it aspires to represent.

Critical because it attempts to situate the potential for utopian Journal of Law and Society44 1pp. He is also Docent of the University of Helsinki. The paper is a critique of ‘constitutional pluralism’, as increasingly called upon to compensate for the social and democratic deficits of the European project, and of ‘constitutionalisation’ as compensating for the absence of any semblance of ‘constituent power’ at the European level.

Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. ISBN 1 1. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law10 2pp.