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Building my Eggbeater II Omni low Earth orbit satellite Antennas for 70cm I only had vertical 5/8 ground plane antenna fro 70cm and 2m band. M2 Antennas Eggbeater Satellite Antennas offers exciting new performance characteristics for both fixed and mobile operations and will let you. Constructing an egg beater antenna for working satellites is reasonably straight forward. George Wilenski’s (ON6WG / F5VIF) documentation.

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I did some testing with a rtl-sdr. Ground Based Elevation 35′ Note the gain is almost the same at 45 degrees, but the new design is 6 dB better at 30 degrees and about 10 dB better at 15 degrees. I got good copy on the bird once it reached about degrees elevation–compared to to degrees on my original eggbeater. The rpi and the ftp cable have been ordered… Greetz, Joseph. The drill guide is pretty simple.

This 93 Ohm cable is not as commonly available as RG-8 or F. Even without a fancy analyzer you can do a fairly low power check at several frequencies across the band, and see where is the lowest SWR. Yet also noticed that a few very strong stations on The input impedance of the round loops with reflector was close to 90 Ohms–too low.

ZR6AIC: Building my Eggbeater II Omni LEO Antennas

Hello Joseph, Your antennas gook great! Hi Bob, I did some testing with a rtl-sdr. Print the drill guide, scaling it to fit snugly eggbeaetr the plastic pipe you are using to make your antenna. It also uses, optionally, a pair atnenna parasitic reflector elements to focus more of the radiation pattern overhead.


I suggest a quick continuity test between the shield and center conductor of you coax and phasing lines before you start tearing your hair out.

[amsat-bb] Homebrew Up-Dated Eggbeater Antenna

The free space elevation plots NEC4Win clearly depict the improvement of the new design over the “original” eggbeater. Hold the guide in place and run your drill through the holes into your pipe. What I did was design a 3d printable drill guide suitable for use with common in the US at any rate 1″ PVC eggveater pipe.

Also at 70 cm the reception in FMN of some satelites was good. The antenna is linearly polarized horizontally at the efgbeater and the pattern becomes more and more right-hand-circularly-polarized RHCP as the elevation pattern increases.

Since the two rectangle-loops are fed in-quadrature but out of phasethe resultant feedpoint is very close to 50 Ohms with no reactance. If you use the “original” eggbeater as the starting point, it is easy to describe this improved design, dubbed Eggbeater IIin terms of differences and deviations. These dimensions are very precise and will work well with 10 and 12 wire for 70 cm onlybut you may want to make the loops slightly larger and trim the extra length based on your SWR readings.

It will do nothing. The RG will be 45 cm long plus 2.

The “eggbeater” eggheater is an omni-directional antenna employing circular polarization to maximize signal capture from low Earth orbit LEO satellites. I would be interested in learning more about this approach. The idea of using 2 RG58 cable segments in parallel for the phasing line is new to me. I’ve been using Jerry’s design for years, and have built several for friends as well.


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And after that if you still do not have found the problem than post an e-mail message to amsat at amsat-bb. The real-world ground-based elevation patterns are also shown. Unlike the original eggbeater, this new design provides an almost perfect 1. This effect makes it a “gain” antenna, but that gain is at the expense of low-elevation reception. I found eggbeeater use of a preamp necessary.

Did you check your eggbeater antenna with an antenna analyzer? If you sended an e-mail than your question should appear after an admin has allowed: The TPM improved the coaxial gain of the egfbeater by re-shaping the loop into a square and moving the reflector closer to the driven element. The loops will be 54 cm wide by Instead, rectangles are eggbexter.

The distance is not so critical and can be adjusted a small amount to get the SWR perfect. That is by design.