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(a) DW/ Specification for sheet metal ductwork (low-medium- and high pressure) .. Air leakage of the assembled unit shall be to HVCA Standard DW/ Duct Work Construction to DW/ DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. “It will be. DW/ Specification for. Sheet Metal Ductwork. Low, medium and high has gained national and international recognition as the industry standard.

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If users and system designers are in doubt as to which material is appropriate to a particular application, technical advice may be obtained from from the British Stainless Steel Association www.

The fire damper must be able to close against static air conditions when mounted in either the vertical or horizontal planes. This seam is acceptable for use on low and medium pressure ducts only. As with coastal applications, poor quality polished finishes can lead to disappointing performance of Stainless Steel.

Don’t Forget – TR/19 states that you will need a

F marked by 1 July List of stainless steels. Related Products DW It may be necessary to provide additional protective sheeting to stored ductwork to ensure the factory applied protection and cleanliness requirements remain in place. To create this path there must be ducts and the smoke extract path must remain uninterrupted.

A competent installer should deliver a fully sealed system providing a low maintenance, long life solution. Duties are placed upon clients, system designers and contractors with sgandard power given to the CDM Co-ordinator who has a more authorative and policing role.


If required, in the event of a signal from a remote sensor the fire damper blades shall be released and close the airway. The site storage of ductwork also introduces the additional important consideration of maintaining any factory applied protection and the internal cleanliness of the ductwork.

Certification is the term commonly used for having a management system certified independently. Single-blade dampers single-skin section shall have a maximum duct width of mm and a maximum duct height of mm for rectangular ducts; and for circular ducts a maximum diameter of mm.

Method 2 Where it is essential to keep penetration of the vapour seal to a minimum, supports should be external to the insulation as shown in Figs. Systems should be in place for the induction of new employees and for the provision of any necessary training. This means under the field of direct application, the largest ducts, for duct A and B will be mm wide x mm high for rectangular ducting and mm diameter for circular ducting. The tested duct assembly is judged against four performance standaard.

Ducts smaller than these dimensions are, for access purposes, to be fitted with either flexible ductwork connections or removable duct sections. Appendix H sets out guidance notes, in summary form, of the access considerations that should be made by the system designer in terms of cleaning inspection and cleaning access. It also contains updated information on hangers and supports, wtandard and fire dampers, external ductwork, internal duct linings, thermal insulation, air terminal units, with many clear reference tables.


DW standard – Pro-Duct Clean

More specific detail is then required on specific items, some of which are as follows: Alternative sealant locations Fastening Alternative sealant locations Sealant shall be applied either internally or externally to the seam edge or internal to the joint seam itself. Fire dampers must not be installed in extract ductwork serving dw14 parks, however smoke control dampers could be used. It will also ensure that energy and operational costs are maintained at optimum levels.

The safety of rescue teams is taken into consideration. The centres largest distance between suspension devices used in the test construction cannot be exceeded in practice. You share liability for the provision of information required under Building Regulation 16B that tells the user of the building about the fire prevention measures provided in the building.

Dampers at branches, or on the surface of the duct, along the path must be closed and remain closed. EN includes a description of the various types of finish available: Full guidance with regard to risk assessment, vw144 etc is given in the RRFSO or its associated guidance. BS EN Cold rolled uncoated and zinc or zinc-nickel electrolytically coated low carbon and high yield strength steel flat products for cold forming.

Location Test Pressure Drawing No. The more commonly used steels divide into two main families; the lower alloy ferritic