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View and Download Sequential Drumtraks operation manual online. Drumtraks Drumtraks Drums pdf manual download. Sequential Drumtraks Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Sequential Drumtraks Operation Manual. Sequential CircuitsĀ®. sixtrak and drumtraks Parts & Manuals PARTS * MANUALS * SOFTWARE * SOUNDS * SURVIVAL KITS. SIXTRAK Parts, Manuals, &.

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It’s a BAR which I am sure will be in a few years a “must have” and we seek to have. Part of the allure with DrumTraks was it’s editing capabilities, but learning the interface and how to use it to it’s full potential is a challenge.

In short a good BAR which is little known and whose potential is unknown, they are so huge for the time. However, the pads are generally fontionne not beeaucoup or conversely too. This is not the machine to make the Kompakt minimal or techno and even less hardcore, but to make the disco or synth pop is ideal.

All of the machine’s major functions are accessed by pressing one of two ‘select’ buttons, so, for example, to go from Record to Erase or from Insert to Delete, etc. Please Contribute to mu: After lifting the lid off the unit this is thoughtfully restrained in the ‘up’ position by a swing-arm arrangement which prevents it from swinging all the way back and crashing against the jack-sockets on the rear panel, unlike another rhythm-machine I can think of and conferring with Ultravox’s resident boffin, I discovered that the single-chip voices from the LinnDrum will slide straight in to the Drumtraks – a bit like lowering a cu.

The Sequential Circuits DrumTraks is a unique drum machine, made in the ‘s.


The fact of not being able to drumyraks sound banks other than buying the disk, it me soule. And tampering although we rediscover this machine and its little secrets. Link posts to original content by the poster must include a text post to encourage discussion. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

Once the Eeproms are installed, it’s another world, nothing to do with the original sound delivered. Patterns can be chained together into songs of up to steps each, while the Drumtraks’ manuap is retained when the mains is turned off via a back-up battery with ‘a ten-year life’.

By using our services, you agree to drumtraos use of cookies. I’ve owned and loved this thumping, wooden- cheeked beauty for a long time drumtrals have only recently tried properly integrating it with another sequencer Yamaha RS Due to their higher production volumes and a policy of holding back on product release to see what the other manufacturers had up their sleeves, Sequential Circuits have been able to offer a superb item at a very good price indeed.

The drumtraks sequencer seems to have a subtle groove to it which I like, though. DrumTraks is unique because of the editing capabilities it has, which are far beyond it’s time. Does anybody know, please? Sort by most recent most useful.

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Now I’ve got your attention! Want to add to the discussion? You can adjust the volume and the agreement drumrraks each sound and store these settings in the sequences, including when they are varied.

Submit a new text post. We have a zero tolerance policy for that sort of thing and it is strictly enforced.

sequential drumtraks

By noon, the machine responds well. The Drumtraks does not necessarily distinguish the sounds, the standards of the time, but by the multitude of possibilities and its unique look with its sequential order blanks of wood and large buttons made of metal.


It’s definitely a cool drum machine to have, as when worked manuao as a creative force, drum machines like this can really be cool. This system allows hackers to incorporate more custom sounds in the box.

Personal attacks, insults, and bad faith criticism of other posters’ equipment or music will not be tolerated. This makes most of the voices reasonably accessible. That said, it shouldn’t be difficult to get it up and running. Gear in this article: Also, fair warning to all- racism, sexism, hate speech, drutmraks harassment of any sort will result in an instant and permanent ban. Thanks for the quick reply!

I think the Drumtraks has a substantial future with musicians and recommend it. Interfacing The machine has two forms of drumtrakx system built in to it. The snare is also solid and very workable, and in fact I achieved a usable sound for just about every percussion voice with the help of the Drumtraks’ tuning facility and some fiddling manjal the desk EQ. These perform a variety of functions, the simplest of which is manually stepping patterns along in consecutive order with just druumtraks stab of the finger, every time you want to go from, say, pattern 88 to pattern In addition, the box has 6 separate outputs, a backup interface K7, a synchro output configurable very useful for different worlds coexist and a midi interface.

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