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Digitech RP80 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech RP80 User Manual. User guide • Read online or download PDF • DigiTech RP80 User Manual • DigiTech Musical Instruments. User manual for the device DigiTech RP Online user manual database.

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Write a user review. Beginners Value For Money: Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. I purchased this unit at Guitar Center. Initially, I liked the the description of the unit and what it was able to diyitech. Ultimately, I like that you can create your own settings and save them on your user settings a total of The drum machine and the tuner are a great option and are very useful.

I disagree with some of the reviews Secondly, the battery option is ok but not really needed since it comes with an AC power cord.

DigiTech RP80 user manual

The box is most certainly a little tank and can take a bit of a beating There are alot of other things I could mention about the rp80, but the bottom line is the pros definately out way the cons. I discovered that I can get some real nice results from some of the factory presets by tweaking some of my amp settings which I don’t normally like to do.

But I was able to get close to Tom Shultz, Judas Priest and Van Halen tones just by tweaking those amp settings and that is a plus if you are in a classic rock band like myself. This review was originally published on http: Did you find this review helpful?

I got this wonderful unit at Guitar Center! I had to choose between the rp50 or this, but for about 20 more washingtons I could get this which came with the Ex. Pedal and a power supply. I like the price the most! This unit is nice and has good factory settings with good sound no matter what amp it ran through. Plus, you can make your own which is even better.

It has nice amp models also. It has a drum machine which is awesome, not best, but awesome. I like how you can have two amps plugged in.

It is really easy to switch from effect to effect.


Everything is actually easy. The acoustic is not what I expected, it stinks! Batteries are hard to get in and last only aboutmaybe 10 max. Well this item is pretty cheap and you cant expect everything. How i treat my equipment, this will never break. This is pretty hard plastic and it probably wont break unless there is force used. I dropped it once, not a dent of bad sound in my music, unlike the Zoom effect processor.


This is a tank! This thing is the bomb baby I highly highly highly recomend this unit.

It is a good sounding, long tasting, tank. I hoped this helped you out. Please get this if you want to treat your guitar like a king. All effects which may require the guitarist is Submitted: And a r;80 of 31 rhythm patterns tuner function 1jack between 6. The edition is not as comfortable trs few buttons Grente many paramtres m’enfin used to it and finally when you have 3 or 4 sounds that go well we have not always need tweaking.

And if you want more buttons to edit easier, there are other products but it is more expensive the rp for example. Curiously there’s no effect named distortion but it is made without problem by fiddling or just using the presets. I go out in mono on one of two outputs left and rightj’espre not lose its Djgitech output, separate output amplifier, very practical for training.

Manuaal sounds are rich, the well distorts the solis rgls kill so they are beautiful, detailed reverb, phasing and transcend your instrument, no hiss manuaal background noise. I still can not. I read that has killed the personality of the instrument, but still possible if you put an end With a real strato Mexican will also have Branch of a mixer. Before I had a small yellow Boss 9v battery remember the name so meiux to have everything in a more efficient and more.

And the power supply comes with! Not tried other multi effects. Does not spoil a good product but I really noticed it a point not often Retailer. Excellent price quality ratio better than the gt and my boss I think. Trs fun there with the power supply zoom and boss do not put. I do it again this election but now there are at the same price rp which is more fun to edit.

On paper everything you need to play guitar with good sound Submitted chorus, delay, amp simulations It is a small device clear. The pedal RP80 bneficie of all effects that can be found on the market is that distortion, delay, reverb, flanger, rotary, wah It’s a rpp80 pedal. The settings are fairly simple.

Pour summarize the use of the pedal, it will delight beginners who have their first purchase of a pedal or effect multi effects.

In general the effects are correct if they are properly adjusted. Of course a beginner will say that the effects are excellent, but has the opposite a pro say otherwise. But for my part I believe the small t bte. You can really have fun with the wah imitating the great Slash and browse our sleeve with sharp riffs on large saturations. For me the sounds in the chorus and cleans heavy distos are really correct. But were not very fan of effects special kind of flanger, rotary, whammy I have little use.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

I bought 90 euros two years ago so I think the report mnual “price is more than adequate. With the experience and the level I had when I had no hesitation I would do this choice. I will not repeat the catalog of effects on offer, let’s move on art For me it plutt full brief on what you’d expect to find a multi-effects.

Although all fours to get any rglage finally be tiring So I use it mostly for the holidays, this m’vite to carry a bunch of pedals and amp heavy lamp. L I have this thing and the headphone and is lightweight and then there is no need for a lot of cable We can be content until we have better but more money too Given the evolution digiitech the techniques it is empty there will be better in a few months I do not use a lot more I find that the sound is how to say?

I feel like the sound of the guitar is not respect my strat Squier I plug in, or my or my Gretsch Electromatic Fender tl there is no diffrence in sound. It’s not a bad tool, but I do not keep that to play on holiday and more Altogether it is divitech device for me to play on vacation when you want something easily transportable but dtriment compliance with the sound of the instrument.

Plutt well think for beginners See what other dj said the above. The prsentation is nice. It’s nice to have ro80 product Designed for those who want discovering the effects that exist.

Intgr a tuner worth it. The manual is very well. Ergonomics is really boring when you want to bypass, you must press both pedals at the same time, a dj is me do a lot of wolves. To use the rhythm box live better be barefoot, where to look. But when you see the report qualitprix, do not complain too much. Compared to being asked, the most annoying is that you spend much time trying to program it and you can not pass effect 10 12, without the Paser 11 for example.

The sound is not specially bad, but a lack of power, the distortion are downright ugly. She has a bad influence on the pedals which are branches before. The hard-rockers will forcment due. Sounds clear, however, are quite enjoyable.