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DGMS (Tech.) (S&T) Circular No. of Dhanbad, Dated.2 i 01·. The Owners, Agents and Managers of all mines. Sub Guidelines on Occupational . KB minsafety Apr on (Tech)(Approval) Cir No. Files > DGMS Circulars Name DGMS (Tech) Circular 1 of DGMS CIRCULAR LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENT IN THE MINES RULES, CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD DGMS CIRCULAR.

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The manufacturer may seek extension of the field trial which may be granted based on the merit of the case. In case of other renewals the manufacturer must apply six months before the expiry of the approval, accompanied by sample performance reports from the users and valid BIS license where applicable. A list of equipment and materials requiring approval under the provisions of various statute, standards followed and BIS licensing requirement is given at Appendix-I.

They have the same set of controls, ergonomics and transmission systems. Haulage rope for manriding. Prototype of any equipment, material or appliance where Indian Standards exist, need to be tested as per the relevant standard in an approved test house in India.

Quantity of explosives used Kgs: Helmet days 3 nos. Dust sampler 90 days for 9 hrs.

Mining is a hazardous occupation and therefore the equipment, machinery, tools dgs materials used in mines need to be safe, robust and reliable capable of working safely under hostile environment. After successful completion of field trial and receipt of satisfactory field trial reports, the case is examined and recommendations made for grant of regular approval.

Indian Mining Legislation Site Map. Fortnightly inspections as prescribed in the regulations shall be conscientiously made and a report of such examination shall be kept. Mines Safety Week Celebration Photo. Permitted Explosives Permitted explosives Detonators Detonating fuses.

Item Self-rescuer has been deleted from the list, as specific provision exist under Regulation D of the Coal Mines regulations, In some cases approvals were given permanent status after few renewals. Duties of Persons Employed in Mines. Post detonation fumes. To achieve better mechanical properties it should be normalised and tempered.


These enquiries have also revealed that some failures of couplings occurred owing to use of material that was not of the required quality, adoption of defective manufacturing process, non-maintenance of designed shape, etc.

Directorate General of Mines Safety – India – DGMS Circulars

Link Bars One year 50 nos. Registrar of firms or societies enclose attested copies of certificate: This had led to framing of mine safety legislation requiring approval of certain equipment and material ciculars be used in mines. In such cases if an application is received without BIS certification, the application may be entertained and field trials permitted.

Where the shelves of a stone dust barrier extend through a junction of galleries, either the cross galleries shall be blocked off by stopings and such galleries kept adequately treated with stone dust and ventilated, or the shelves circlars into the cross galleries for a length on either side which is not less than the length of barrier extending over the junction and outbye of it.

Online Mining August 6, However, there could be cases where manufacturing of the particular product had been stopped, the standards have undergone complete change or the conditions of usage have changed.

L for which the coupling is designed dgmms shall be tested for cracks etc. However, grant of approval has been restricted to cover specific equipment and material only. Type and manner of construction and maintenance of stone dust barriers under sub-regulation 2 if Regulation C of the Coal Mines Regulations, in gassy seams of Second and third Degree.

DGMS Circulars 1935-2017

Conclusion regarding suitability of explosives: The above documents are scrutinised and if found in order, Field Trial approval is granted with a validity ranging from cidculars months to one year depending on the equipment. Hydraulic Roof Support One year 50 nos. Use of Protective foot wears by female workers.

Such a barrier shall be provided at a distance of not less than meters from the nearest workings face and not more than metres from the farthest circullars. At least three mines.


cirvulars One year followed by two years. One year followed by three years. Manufacturers need to make immediate application for amendment of the approval, failing which the approval shall be treated as revoked.


Copies circullars the field trial approval letters are endorsed to concerned Dy. In case any shortcomings are observed during field trials, the same is communicated both during the trials as well as at cjrculars end of the trials to the manufacturer along with a copy to the user.

These boards shall rest on a rigid frame, the two members of which shall be atleast 15 cms. In case of explosives field trial approval is granted for a specified number of shots, and in case of Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid, field trial is given cidculars specified hours. You may be aware that DGMS grants ‘TYPE’ approval to various types of equipment, appliances and material for use in mines on the basis of ‘type test’ reports.

There are cases when field trial report submitted by the user points out some deficiencies, such reports are forwarded to the manufacturers for comments or for taking corrective measures. Holes shall be drilled and not punched. Portable hand lamps for use in storage tanks. Inspection of the icrculars facilities of the applicant may be made to assess capability of the manufacturer in respect of quality control, testing and other facilities.

Each operator will be required to pass a practical skills test and theory and on successful completion of the training on equipment, the operator shall be issued certificate to operate the machine on which he has been trained. The shelves shall not exceed 50 cms.