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The Circular Strength Training Tri-Ring Integration allows you to balance work Clubbell® swinging – the oldest fitness tool and the first martial art in ancient. This page is devoted to explaining the Circular Strength Training system, along Clubbell® swinging – the oldest fitness tool and the first martial art in ancient. I work to navigate through the world with awareness, precision, and confidence; strength training with Clubbells has helped prepare my mind.

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Micro-Loading Adjustable Grip is a special design function that uniquely promotes constant progress and strength gains.

Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength – DVD

The kettlebell is the current fitness industry sensation. With my academic background in physical education, I infused modern sport science into this montage of scattered ancient physical disciplines to create a systematic proprietary system to combative preparation. Write a customer review. However, when I worked a new swing, or worked on new terrain, or different weather, or partially submerged in water, I would choke up on the handle to learn the new skill.

These too are useful tools, but circukar are NOT the same as the much heavier Clubbells. If you don’t breathe the proper way demonstrated on the video, your progress will stall out early in clibbell training.

Circular Strength Training

However, if you care more about physique or performance goals than health, then bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, or cross training ie CrossFit may be a better solution for you, and there are plenty of online resources available for those. Cifcular loves the clubbells. Of course, you can pick and choose different CST programs to help enhance your current training program. Their wrestlers were incredibly well conditioned, and literally throwing their opponents off the mats.


These may improve general performance, but execute essentially in a one dimensional plane, which can be understood as Linear Strength Training. With Explanatory Figures and Positions The Technique seamlessly stringing together components to foster both skill refinement and improvisational flow. Those sudden shifts can cause traumatic tears and bracing. This gives a totally different dynamic effect to the exercise which is impossible to obtain with any other cicular of equipment.

This has been a great way for me to mix up their workouts and make them a little more interesting and fun. If you Want to Become Athletic to But also through each and every movement you train. They also offer no pity to the trainee who uses them incorrectly. The performance of a grinding exercise followed by a ballistic exercise elicits a neurological response that enables increased power, thereby creating a greater training effect.

InI was in the fight of my life against my Russian counter-part in the final match at the Olympics for University athletes, the Universiade, also known as World University Games, held in Montreal, Quebec. At this time, our offensive line coach, Steed Lobotsky all-American lineman from Air Force Academy has been using them twice per week.

Over 18, students have joined us and our numbers continue to grow. This means improved breathing, circulation, digestion and elimination of toxic waste from the body. This special handle neck allows anyone at anytime to increase the load by even the most miniscule increments. Where that outer bag is tacked down to the inner bag, we call those “muscle attachments” or “insertion points. And we are sure all other sports will be able to use Circular Strength developed by the Clubbells.


For example, it never hurts to have some mobility exercises on top of your traditional strength training program. The idea is that once you have recovered proper range of motion in your joints through your joint mobility practice, you should then add resistance to those ranges of motion with clubbell swinging — which is one of the best tools for strengthening a complete movement pattern.

Why does lifting heavy things make you stronger? You must concentrate to get the hip-snap into the ballistic drills because the Clubbell seems forgiving at first – you think you can get away with using arm and shoulder power for the lifts to compensate for a lack of lower body drive.

In his grip, my arm shattered under the precision force of his technique, as a squelched my pain since making any noise while in a joint lock means that you submit. Where this video falls short is the lack of detailed info about setting up a personal exercise program for the Clubbells.

An Ancient Tool For The Modern Athlete

If the implement’s COM shifts because of plate-loading nature, the trajectory of the motion changes. Why do I use and endorse CST?

Improved strength and function of your internal organs. Also, he gives appropriate safety warnings.