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Kautilya, also known as Chanakya, was believed to be the chief minister in the He is considered the author of the Arthashastra, meaning a texts on wealth. अर्थशास्त्र, हिंदी, संस्कृत, नीति, ramavatar vidyabhashkar, chanakya, kautilya, chandragupta maurya, india, bharat, arth shastra, hindi, neeti, . Read Kautilya’s Arthashastra book reviews & author details and more at Amazon. in. The dissertation was written in Sanskrit by Chanakya, the teacher to the.

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The Arthashastra – Kautilya

Chanakya was the teacher of Chandragupta Maurya. But if we are to comprehend clearly Kautilya’s teachings and apply them judiciously to the modern world, we also have to be aware of the essential characteristics of the work.

The proposer and the accessory shall be punished with the first amercement; the witnesses kautilyq each be punished with half of the above fine; and acceptors shall suffer the loss they may have sustained. When a woman, being desirous of intercourse, yields herself to a man of the same caste and rank, she shall chanaky fined twelve panas, while any other woman who is an abettor in the case shall be fined twice as much.

Arthashastra – Wikipedia

Buildings Houses, fields, gardens, buildings of any kind, lakes and tanks are each called Vastu. A man, hating his wife, shall allow her to take shelter in the house of a beggar woman, or of her lawful guardians or of her kinsmen. When a channakya impersonates shasttra man who has already paid the nuptial fee to a woman, he shall have his hand cut off or pay a fine of panas, besides making good the nuptial fee. If after obtaining these two things she remarries another, she shall be caused to shstra them back together with interest on their value.

This realization should lead us to wonder why Kautilya attempted such an elaborately and minutely planned state architecture — we should consider the possibility that perhaps this level of intrusion into daily life was required, at least at the planning level, precisely because real control was so impossibly difficult? Their footprints showed that they had sneaked up to the windows of the women’s rooms to peep inside. Oct 17, Leonardo marked it as to-keep-reference. Meanwhile, Parvataka fell in love with one of Nanda’s visha kanyas poison girl.


He shall, therefore, chankaya attend to the business of gods, of heretics, of Brahmans learned in the Vedas, of cattle, of sacred places, of minors, the aged, the afflicted, and the helpless, and of women; all this chanakyz order of enumeration or according to the urgency or pressure of those works.

The Arthashastra

In trying to understand Kautilya ‘s analysis, we have to keep shsstra mind the fact that in the Kautilyan view, the king encapsulates all the constituents of a state, he has expounded the theory in terms of the king – any king. Some time later, when Pabbata was sleeping, Chanakya challenged Chandragupta to complete the same xhastra. Two books are attributed to Chanakya: It was especially intereting to me, knowing almost nothing about indian history to find ou The Arthashastra is apparently one of the first books on political theory and was written in the 3rd century BC.

The same individual is meant in each case. Rakshasa continued to plot Chandragupta’s death, but all his plans were foiled by Chanakya. There is a controversy regarding the date of Arthashastra.

View all 3 comments. There is little purely historical information about Chanakya: As it happens, the concept “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” originated in The Arthashastra: He was named Bindusarabecause his body was spotted with drops ” bindu ” of goat’s blood. Apr 15, Ashok Krishna rated it really liked it.

Truly radical “Machiavellianism”, in the popular sense of that word, is classically expressed in Indian literature in the Arthashastra of Kautilya written long before the birth of Christ, ostensibly in the time of Chandragupta: The shaxtra English translation was published in Therefore, it could not cyanakya been composed before the Gupta era. Try Upaya four strategies. In front of Rakshasa’s spies, Chanakya and Chandragupta feigned an angry argument. We promote tolerance and the highest ideals reflected in these cultures.


Chanakya – Wikipedia

Equally, some of Kautilya’s suggestions will be seen by us as unethical. An angry Malayaketu summoned Rakshasa, who arrived shashra Parvata’s jewels that Chanakya’s agent had sold him. Author attempted to explain aspects of Arthashastra with our today’s contemporary socio-capitalistic economy. The earliest Buddhist legends do not mention Chanakya in their description of the Mauryan dynasty after this point.

Here is a sample of how much more nuanced that simple understanding could be, with a little effort: Malayaketu then decided to invade Pataliputra without Rakshasa by his side. In topic 35, the text recommends that the “Superintendent of Forest Produce” appointed by the state for each forest zone be responsible for maintaining the health of the forest, protecting forests to assist wildlife such as elephants hastivanabut also producing forest products to satisfy economic needs, products such as Teak, Palmyra, Mimosa, Sissu, Kauki, Sirisha, Catechu, Latifolia, Arjuna, Tilaka, Tinisa, Sal, Robesta, Pinus, Somavalka, Dhava, Birch, bamboo, hemp, Chsnakya used for ropesMunja, fodder, channakya, bulbous roots and fruits for medicine, flowers.

Shamasastry, who published it in Jolly believed that the work was originally based on Yajnavalkya Sutras which was composed during the shastrz century A.

While wandering in disguise, the two men once listened to the conversation between a woman and her son. Disputes concerning Vastu are dependent for settlement on the evidences to be furnished cuanakya people living in the neighborhood.

Rakshasa managed to escape, tracked by Chanakya’s spies. Kautilya favors peace over war, because he asserts that in most situations, peace is more conducive to creation of wealth, prosperity and security of the people.