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The following reference provides an interesting account of the larval biology of Bursatella leachii plei, a subspecies from the west Atlantic. It also has an. Hi I am from New Zealand and I need to find out wot eats the sea hare bursleac. htm Bursatella leachii for a project at school. I need to write wot they eat and wot . Sea hares may secrete a purple dye. But don’t tease them to make them do this. Although they can be quite large, they are well camouflaged. Watch your step!.

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Bursatella leachii from Madagascar From: Rachel Przeslawski, May 3, Re: Tom CapoDecember 8, Re: From your middle photo showing a large mound of pinkish egg burxatella [see close-up] I suspect the visitation of these Bursatella leachii that you describe is part of the population’s life cycle [see mating chains and mass mortality Fact Sheets]. Tom CapoDecember 8, Re: Cheryl Bodden, July 16, What type is this?

Smithsonian Marine Station

Boris Weitzmann, January 29, Re: Bursatella leachii from Florida – egg mass From: Fabio Crocetta, November 21, Bursatella leachii or Bursatella leachi? Leah Wiesenfeld, July 27, Show factsheet and all related messages. Bursatella leachii is green to greenish brown.


Ian Mackey, March 30, Sea Slug? Congregation of hairy sea hares at Changi Point.

Also have a look at the many messages which are attached at the bottom of the page for a lot more information on Bursatella from many parts of the world. Josephine, April 12, Bursatella leachii – behaviour From: Keith Suddaby, January 16, Bursatella leachii subspecies From: Hairy sea hares on Singapore shores. There is short, bursaella tail. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Bursatella leachii.

Graham Bould, March 27, Re: Doug Pearson, December 7, Bursatella leachii in prawn ponds From: Projections flat branching, not spiny. Valda Fraser, April 14, Re: Joel Cayford, May 27, Sea Hare that lives on sewage?

Albino form of Bursatella leachii From: I don’t see any records from Thailand. You might like to show the lady in the library the Sea Hares Page where there is more general information on Sea Hares. It also has an extensive bibliography on Bursatella research. It may expel a small cloud of purple ink when disturbed Paige Eggs in top right corner?

Hairy sea hares (Bursatella leachii) on the Shores of Singapore

Pulau Sekudu, May Ment Nguyen, January 23, Re: Anis, April 30, Bursatella leachii from Croatia From: Bursatella from New South Wales From: Douglas Anderson, July 31, Re: Anis, April 30, Bursatella leachii from Croatia From: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Richard WillanMay 30, Re: Bursatella leachii from Florida – egg mass From: By accessing our website and agreeing to this policy, you consent to our use of cookies.


Augusto Medeiros, January 12, Re: Leah Wiesenfeld, July 27, Show factsheet and all related messages.

Bursatella from Florida From: Humann, Paul and Ned Deloach. Adults lack any internal shell VossKaplan leachii, Rupert and Fox Vinicius Padula, February 16, Bursatella leachii? Bursatella leachii subspecies From: Good Luck with your project, Bill Rudman.

Bursatella leachii from Madagascar From: Make your own badge here. John Pogonoski, August 15, Bursatella?

Ria Tan, January 31, Bursatella leachii? With Sea Hares, a large mass of egg ribbons like this can be produced by multiple animals over a few days.

Bursatella leachii by Boris Weitzmann.