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Simulating any failure should result in the “ready” relay opening, pin 16 going high and the master alarm sounding.

Previous page Table of contents Next page. Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by roadDatasheef 17, Suggested air-flow switch arrangement Setting-up Like most logic circuits of this type setting-up is tedious rather than difficult. The datwsheet is connected to the package, and this is connected to the rest of the circuit via one of datashwet screws which fasten the transistor to the heat-sink. A simple circuit is shown below.

If we connected an ammeter between the collector and the bulb to measure ICanother ammeter between the pot and the base for measuring IBand a voltmeter between the ground and the base and repeat the whole experiment, we will find some interesting data.

A simple low frequency amplifier can be built from these components as shown in diagram 4. The supply voltage can be up to 12v.

These documents hold the information about the component’s correct use maximum current rating, power, amplification, etc.

It is emphatically not -recommended that the ehv is applied directly to pin 36; a potential divider in the ehv power unit should be provided and a small sample of the ehv supplied to the control unit, with the value of R9 chosen on the assumption that the output of ICle will switch from low to high when its input reaches about 6V.

If 30mA or less is being sourced or sunk, the consequent variation in output voltage is not measurable on a 4. The quoted value gives about 60mA with most of the above transistors and input voltages between and V.


Any device with a Vdss rating in excess of about V and a current rating of an amp or so should work well, although minor component changes need to be made. R52 and R50 need to have a rating of at least 2W and can either be metal-oxide resistors or chassis-mounting wirewound components bolted to the side of the die-cast box as shown in the photograph. Beside the values we mentioned, it is sometimes important to know the current amplification, and maximum frequency of operation.

With associated components this forms a constant-current source. R and should therefore be theoretically destroyed when datasheeg supply is short-circuited because of the tiresome bipolar transistor affliction known as “second breakdown”. When there is a DC voltage UCE between the collector C and emitter E with a collector current, the transistor acts as a small electrical heater whose power is given with this equation:.

Check that the output voltage is about V.


The two 68kf12W resistors and the vdr should be connected directly to pin 1 of the valveholder. Some multimeters have the option for measuring this, but most don’t.

Adjust RV16 datasheft RV17 as appropriate so that the output voltage just rises above the correct value. The gain is equal to: It should be added, however, that under short-circuit conditions a BU used in the constant-current source ie TR6 and TR8 is taken some way outside its published safe operating area S.

Feb 20, 2, If the pot is turned fully, the base voltage will increase slightly to about 0. The 2N transistor is a pretty good old work horse. Minimum hFE of 2. I just looked at an old datasheet from Motorola for the BU The intention here is to enable the standing currents in a two-valve amplifier to be equalised, which is better done by variation of screen voltage than of control grid bias to individual valves.

Resistor R isn’t really necessary, but if you don’t use it, you mustn’t turn the potentiometer pot to its high position, because that would destroy the transistor – this is because the DC voltage UBE voltage between the base and the emittershould not be higher than 0.


The most common role of a transistor in an analog circuit is as an active amplifying component. In view of both the high voltages present on the pcb and the high impendances involved in the cmos circuitry, it is strongly recommended that when the board has been completed and tested the track side is thoroughly defluxed with an appropriate solvent, such as the aerosol solvent cleaner available from Electromail under the stock numberand then given several coats of pcb lacquer; the “anti-corona” aerosol from the same source stock number is excellent for this purpose.

When there is no resistor, there is no current flow IB, and no Ic current. ARRL Handbook,pp et seq.


Just replacing a relatively low voltage transistor will fail. These are general purpose transistors. In this case the transistors have a metal plate with hole, which is used to attach it to a heat-sink to allow the heat to be passed to a larger surface.

All you need is an option on bj208 multimeter for measuring DC current up to 5mA. The performance of this design is very good.

BU208 Datasheet PDF

The number following the letter is of no importance to users. And since the base current is in most cases insignificant compared to the collector current, it is considered that: And since the base current is datasehet most cases insignificant compared to the collector current, it is considered that:. Yes, my password is: You can use them ok, but check the max current and power rating as they will probably be lower. The second stage should divide the output of the first down to the required voltage.

If the ehv sample is datashset applied, the master alarm should sound after about 2.