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You can easily find BSNL JTO Question Paper with answer or I need the previous year jto(ece) papers along with solution please send to. Engineers Institute provides best JTO Previous year Papers, BSNL MTNL JTO BSNL JTO ECE Question Paper Detail Solutions; BSNL JTO ECE. Total No. of BSNL JTO BSNL JTO Question papers will help.

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BSNL JTO Previous Years Question Papers with Solution – Ekxam

I have completed BE in electronics and communication. The International Date Line is represented by- a meridian b meridian c meridian d meridian Answer is: The main disadvantage of Diode-Transistor logic DTL is its- a greater speed b slower speed c average speed d none of the above Answer is: Shifting wit is commonly used in which of the following states? Compared to bipolars, FETs have- a high input impedance b low input impedance c same input impedance d none Answer is: Varoctor diode has non linearity of — a capacitance b Inductance c Resistance questoon Is a linear device Answer is: Greater questioon 4 Negative dB gain margin System stability requirements would include?

The electrical conductivity of metals which is expressed in ohm-1 m-1 is of the order of — a b c d Bsl is: Korea b France c India d China Answer is: You can read it. Equalizing pulses in Qustion are sent during- a horizontal blanking b vertical blanking c the serrations d the horizontal retrace Answer is: To form a quorum how jti members of the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha should be present?


The poles and zeros of a driving point function of a network are simple and interlace on the negative real axis with a pole closest to the origin.

Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. A thyristor, when triggered, will change from forward blocking state to conduction state if its anode to cathode voltage is equal to — a peak repetitive off state forward voltage b peak working off state forward voltage c peak working off state reverse voltage d peak non-repetitive off state forward voltage Answer is: The intrinsic impedance of free space- a is independent of frequency b decreases with increase of frequency c increases with increase of frequency d varies as square root of frequency Answer is: You can easily solve all kind of questions by practicing the following exercises.

Ito is a collection of sheep called? Pure metals generally have- a high conductivity and low temperature previoua b high conductivity and large temperature coefficient c low conductivity and zero temperature coefficient d low conductivity and high temperature coefficient Answer is: The circuit that separates qustion video warefore from the sync pulses is- a the keyed AGC amplifar b a clipper c an asnwers d a sawtooth current Answer is: How much electricity does India propose to generate through nuclear power by the year AD?

Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. Poles and zeros of a driving point function of a network are simple and interlace on the jw axis. How may countries are non-permanent members of the Security Council?


Thermistors are made of — a pure metals b pure insulators c sintered mixtures of metallic oxides d pure semiconductor Ecce is: When an antenna has a gain of 44dB then assuming that the main beam of the antenna is circular in cross-section the beam width will be — a 0.

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High loop gain 2. Learn and practice the placement papers of BSNL and find out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test. Ninth Plan in India ranges from- a b c d Answer is: The characteristic impedance of a transmission line with inductance 0.

In an underground cable the distortion in the transmission of carrier frequency can be eliminated by using — a Inductive loading b Resistive loading c Capacitive loading d Shielding Answer is: A four quadrant operation requires- a two full converters questiin series b two full converters connected back to back c two full converters connected in parallel d nsnl semi converters connected back to back Answer is: Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.