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Describes how to use the views, online analyzers, monitors, and trace services for MainView for DB2. Overview of MainView for DB2. See How MainView Has Transformed Mainframe Systems Management. Download e-book › . MainView for DB2 Management. Consolidated controls for . BMC’s MainView for DB2 Management suite includes the MainView performance monitor and the Pool Advisor buffer pool management tool.

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Products included in this solution.

BMC Pool Advisor for Db2 uses built-in intelligence to proactively optimize Db2 pool performance, thereby removing the guesswork involved in performance tuning. Configure and manage all MainView products centrally. I can see that the delay is in the DB2 terminate thread by looking at the time stamps in a CICS auxiliary trace that I took when the transaction was experiencing the high response time: Standardized configuration and navigation speeds knowledge transfer and improves staff efficiency Central setup and deployment of smart alarms mainciew consistency Centralization enables holistic management of mainvew entire mainframe ecosystem “The ease of installation and the ease of use save us technical resource time.

Contact BMC Software if you need additional assistance.

The product will make recommendations for improving storage resource allocation, object configuration, and various Db2 parameter settings.

The tools in this solution will help you find and correct Db2 system exceptions, quickly pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks, and access real-time and historical data for guided analysis and recommendations. Automated resource management Respond to unexpected workload fluctuations instantly, with automated resource management.


MainView allows you to see and control data collected from multiple sources on one console. Catch exceptions before they can cause problems by monitoring critical Db2 metrics, like current thread activity, Db2 and buffer pool status, and lockout events.

Criteria Usage Questions with keyword1 or keyword2 keyword1 keyword2 Questions with a mandatory word, e. It is a complete, modular solution that is architected to provide central administration and management which:. The MainView for Db2 Management solution is made up of the following products, which work together to optimize the performance of your Db2 environment. Viewable by all users Viewable by moderators Viewable by moderators and the original poster Viewable by moderators and the original poster.

Access accounting information and statistics via the Db2 performance management database.

Mainview for DB2 – Monitors

You can manage your mainframe ecosystem holistically, ensuring the highest possible availability and performance. But in this scenario, when the thread is terminated for inactivity under transaction CEX2 the DB2 protected thread purge mechanismI still see that second delay. Transform your mainframe systems management. MainView delivers a unique set of capabilities to optimize mainframe systems management Single View and Control Central Administration Intelligent Proactive Automation Highly Efficient Resource Usage Find and fix problems with a single view and control of your entire environment.

A modular structure built on a centralized architecture allows you to easily snap-in components and exponentially increase the benefits of MainView. Keep your buffer pools at peak efficiency with real-time recommendations for storage resource allocation, dynamic statement caching, and pool usage. Talk with a mainframe systems management expert.

A new version of the BMC software was installed just before the application started reporting the long response time for the CICS transaction.


I can see that the dv2 is in the DB2 terminate thread by looking at the time stamps in a CICS auxiliary trace that I took when the transaction was experiencing the high response time:. Main Menu Vorgestellte Produkte.

MainView is architected to provide capabilities that optimize performance and require fewer resources—in fact the cost of running MainView is about half of competing solutions. Answer by Sue DeMarrais Jun 21, at We deployed the solution quite recently; the aim being to introduce a monitoring and automation solution that was maihview efficient and easier to maintain.

Mainframe Systems Management with MainView – BMC Deutschland

Maintain consistent performance throughout complex, changing application workloads. MainView for Db2 Management dh2 system tuning, monitoring, and automation in order to deliver higher reliability and efficiency across your Db2 environment.

If I change the DB2Entry to include protected threads, the task ends normally sub-second. Collect detailed object performance metrics without the need for expensive performance traces.

MainView Systems Management

Consolidated viewpoint Manage large, complex Db2 environments from a mainvew interface with multi-system support for data sharing and parallel query activity.

MainView for Db2 Management. This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Select the link below that best matches your interest.

MainView is intelligent, easier to use, and detects and solves problems faster than competing solutions. Main Menu Featured Products.