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Folks, I came across an inspirational speech given by Mr. Azim Premji @ one of the convocation ceremony @ IIM Ahemdabad. Here is a link. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM Convocation Ceremony. Filed under: Yogesh Hublikar @ pm. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM. Distinguished Director and faculty of IIM- Kolkata, Guests, and my young friendsI am very Azim Premji’s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation.

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Finally, always play to win. Surpur is a block head quarter in Yadgir district in north Karnataka. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In the past two decades, very few high quality academic institutions have been built in India, and ISB has definitely proved itself to be amongst the leaders.

Azim Premji: I have worked very hard and neglected my family: Azim Premji – The Economic Times

But there are also many qualitative aspects that get ignored in the process. You have to laugh and find humour everyday.

Excellence cannot be forced through a process nor guaranteed by a certificate.

I cannot think of a single transformation or achievement, individual or social that did not begin with a dream. How will they come back?

Everything was built with steady, painstaking work. They come and sit on the trees.


Azim Premji’s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation

Wipro was not started by me. What makes them what they are, is hard-work, perseverance and basic honesty. I was not even given a chance to have a dialogue with the students. They had diversified into manufacturing soap and needed to build a team. Never miss a spsech news story!

I have worked very hard and neglected my family: Azim Premji

The difference between great achievement and mediocrity is not extraordinary talent or intelligence, prenji perseverance. After a week long futile search, the rescue team gave up thinking that all of them must be dead.

At that time that meant the IIM Ahmedabad. I was not even given a chance to have a dialogue with the students.

What amazed me was the passion with which the entire premii was engaged with the event. The point is about the critical importance of things that we consider ordinary. But I spent a lot of time outside the class, kneeling. Being cheerful is an attitude. Sixth, pursue iin in whatever you do. But there is very little action on the ground. Great achievements are created twice — First in the mind and then in a concrete form. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments.

This will happen when you realize that leadership is not a privilege but a responsibility.

Azim Premji exhorts management graduates to focus on ‘ordinary things’ – Business News

I presented Wipro with absolute candor, which I have continued to do,” he said to the crowds. I was then about as old as some of you are today. A nation is more developed compared to another nation primarily based on its per capita income. I have seen a lot of changes in my career. Live like Steve Jobs: Yes, I was very naughty when I was a kid.


The passengers after waiting for many days to be rescued, decided to help themselves since apparently nobody else was premju to do it. Azim Premji says disruptive tech investments are paying off. Well, I left college because I had to take over the responsibilities from my father, who died at very young, at the age of What are the sacrifices that you make to reach this stage? What is the mantra of your success?

Use your experience imi reshape your dreams and adapt them to changing reality but do not stop dreaming.

The core of heroism lies in the ability to walk that extra mile. To find out more, including speecg to control cookies, see here: I hope you find them useful.

It was simple and tasty food.