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Two scales are usually used in assessment of consciousness level, The Alert Verbal Painful Unresponsiveness (AVPU) scale and the Glasgow Coma Scale. The AVPU scale uses four simple categories (Alert; Verbal response; response to Pain; Unresponsive), but has not been studied in a large. Intensive Crit Care Nurs. Apr;31(2) doi: / Epub Jan How accurate is the AVPU scale in detecting neurological.

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In our study, in most of the case, the cerebral spinal fluid is positive with JE. The four possible recordable outcomes are: When glasgow score is under 10, the damage in the brain is more severe, and convulsion may makes the damage worse due to hypoxia and metabolic disfunction.

In first aidan AVPU score of anything less than A is often considered an indication to get further help, as the patient is likely to be in need of more definitive care. A study of Bhutto E assessing patients with acute encepalitis by Glasgow demonstrates a score of less than 10 points accounting for In some emergency medical services protocols, “Alert” can be subdivided into a scale of 1 to 4, in which 1, 2, 3 and 4 correspond to certain attributes, such as time, person, place, and event.

Data included presenting complaint, clinical discriminator, information on whether mobility was normal for age or not, respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature, level of consciousness on the AVPU scale indicating whether the patient is A–alert, V -only responding to verbal stimulus, P–only responding to painful stimulus, U–unresponsiveand whether physical trauma was present or not.

The AVPU scale should be assessed using these three identifiable traits, looking for the best response of each.


From Agpu, the free encyclopedia. When patients have reduction of conciuousness levers and respiratory disstress not because of respiratory diseasesthe damage may develop in the center of respiratory. Mirsa UK found that the lower the Glasgow score is, the more change of convulsion occures A study of Mackey demonstrates similar results [ 34 ].

It stands for a lert oriented to person, place and day ; responds to v erbal stimuli appropriate or inappropriate ; responds to p ainful stimuli localizes, withdraws or demonstrates decorticate or decerebrate neurological posturing ; or totally u nresponsive.

Results 95 patients were diagnosed of encephalitis in a 6 month study period. Pediatric Infect Dis 1: October 13, ; Accepted date: You can help by adding to it. Articles to be expanded from December All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. Vietnam is a developing country with tropical climate where infectious diseasesespecially encephalitis are common. It is a simplification of the Glasgow Coma Scalewhich assesses a patient response in three measures: Figure 2 shows that patents with Glassgow scaler of fewer than 10 can have a higher risk of death and complications with a fairly high sensitivity AVPU scale is a simple method for assessment of consciousness.

The relationship is statistically significant.

In term of prognosis Factors: In the hospital or long term healthcare facilities, caregivers may consider an AVPU score of less than A to be the patient’s normal baseline. Patients who have less than 10 points of GCS and paralyse are times more likely to be death or to have complications compare to the group without paralyse.

More scales Rationale behind comparisons Citations. Informed and asked the consent and enrolment, Interviewed caregivers for risk factors predictors ; all subjects were tracked to discharge or end of life: First aid Emergency medicine.

AVPU Abbreviation and mnemonic for prehospital assessment of mental status. The GCS score is one of the most commonly used methods. Every year, in National Hospital of Pediatrics from to encephalitis patients are hospitalized due to encephalitis.


Comparison of the AVPU Scale and the Pediatric GCS in Prehospital Setting.

Patients who were noted to be “unresponsive” on the AVPU scale were excluded. The AVPU scale an acronym from “alert, voice, pain, unresponsive” is a system by which a health care professional can measure and record a patient’s level of consciousness.

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AVPU – Wikipedia

This qvpu needs expansion with: The risk of death and complications increases 50 times in the patients with glasgow under 10 and respiratosy disstress, and 19 times in the group glasgow score over 10 and respiratory disstress; and 4 time in the group with GCS over 10 without respitatory disstress.

Although AVPU has been used for vapu years, but research assessing the two scales is limited. Patients who had encephalitis years of age. Views Read Edit View history. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language.

References in periodicals archive? Vital signs for children at triage: Annals of Emergency Medicine. Patients who have Glasfow score under 10 and convulsion are more likely to have complicatins and die Table 2. Glasgow score under 10 relates to paralyse. A descriptive study was prospectively candid and patients were monitored at the hospital vertically until discharge or death [ 12 ].