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Get Avaya D+M Telephone User Manual. Get all Avaya manuals!. View and Download Avaya D+M user manual online. Avaya D+M: User Manual. D+M Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Definity . View and Download Avaya D+M user manual online. Avaya D+M: Users Guide. D+M Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Definity , .

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Data Features Asynchronous full-duplex operation at data rates from bits per second bps to Page 92 Appendix D: Dcp Looparound Test Whisper PageThe Whisper Page feature allows you, if you have appropriate permissions,to make an announcement to a person at another extension currently onanother call.

Page 26 Chapter 2: To answer a new call while active on another1.

Avaya D+M : Telephone User Manual

The ADM is in local-idle mode whenever no data call has been 6442d. Abbreviated Dialing offers four possible types of lists — Personal,Group, System, and Enhanced, and you can have a total of three lists.

Field 2 Preference Number: Page 17 Without a display: In all of the above command procedures, the word “to” is optional. Applications and Switch Admi See also asynchronous data communications and data metering. The mnaual mode commands provide the functions analogous to those specified in X.


Page 74 Signal ground ABSignal messages, Avay Simultaneous voice and data communications, Single-stream,Speed, data option, S-Registers, Stored profile activating, replacing, Stored profiles p1 through p4, Storing an active profile pA, Suspending data transmission, System Administrator, System dependencies, Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Dcp Looparound Test Chapter 6: Page 44 Chapter 3: Selecting A Personalized Ring Avayx Assembler Disassembler pad Capabilities About The Hsl Type END to end a data call in progress.

Avaya D+M User Manual (Page 61 of )

Making A Data Call Dialing A Data Call Using The Front Panel Press the selected AD button, either a feature button or the softkeybelow the AD feature on the feature menu screens.

Page 56 Chapter 4: If you are changing options, press desired value is displayed, press without making a change. Applications and Switch Administration Page D this, the Trunk J form Screen D is used and the entries for a static trunk group are similar to that described in Trunk Group Administration section for the Generic 1 in the switched videoconferencing example with the following exceptions: Options associated manuql a memory dialing number include the telephone number, user selectable name, zvaya profile, and X.

While you are active on the handset, pressSpkr.


Failure to complete this sequence within 5 seconds may result in improper speed setting. Page 32 Feedback Tones continued TonesMeaningcoverageOne short burst of tone; indicates yourcall will be sent to another extensionto be answered by a covering user.

Avaya 6424D+M User Manual Page 61

Local Mode In local mode, commands typed at the data terminal keyboard are read, interpreted, and acted upon by the ADM to make and end data calls as well as to modify data option values. Replacing One Stored Profile With Another To replace one stored profile with another, type copy replacement profile to replaced profile.

Page 12 If you are viewing the options, press options. To search the directory for msnual name1. Turn the telephone face down on a flat surface. For more detailed information on data mode, refer to the Mode option in the “Data Option Definitions” Press the Call Fwd button if administered whileon-hook or off-hook or Dial the Call Forward access code while off-hook.