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The Thing in the Forest has ratings and 8 reviews. Cecily said: The opening sentence demonstrates this is about being believed – or not“There were o. Dive deep into A. S. Byatt’s Little Black Book of Stories with extended analysis Its most disturbing fictions, “The Thing in the Forest” and “A Stone Woman,” were . In A.S. Byatt’s “The Thing in the Forest” we are taken on such an adventure, but this is more than just a children’s fairytale. Through figurative.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In this reading the beast is as much metaphor as reality and the pains the girls suffer, both at the moment of their encounter and throughout their lives, is symbolic for the horrors inflicted on and endured by everyone their age. Furthermore, the loss of Alys because of the monster is a parallel to the loss, or corruption of, innocence caused by war. The girls arrive, along with a group of many other children, at the mansion: How can we improve?

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The depiction of the two main characters predisposes the audience to the pathways that each girl will eventually go down by providing an insight into the type of individuals they are. The war is the event that the girls are literally escaping, but they will spend the rest of their lives trying to escape it figuratively, as well, as they struggle to cope with the traumatic experience of leaving their families and encountering the Thing in the thr.


A dark tale about the nature of stories themselves. Finally, they discuss the day they met the loathly worm in the forest.

The horror of what they see there. Free to explore and roam as they please, the two protagonists soon encounter the Thing, an odious, abhorrent being in the forest that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

The Thing in the Forest

With her father dead and her mother underwhelming, Primrose was left to figure things out on her own, contributing to her feelings of isolation. The narrator compares them to Hansel and Gretel, two fairy tale children who were likewise led into a strange environment with no promise that they would return. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Is it a determiner of their fates, almost an unstated curse?

The striking similarities in each of their lives serve a utilitarian purpose in this way. Sarah rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Thus, discussing Alys helps the women confirm their memories of the girl, which is one more step in overcoming their trauma because, even though it may seem like an insignificant detail, each woman feels less isolated by realizing they have this memory in common. We all were saying that its not actually three different girls but in fact just one girl Primrose that just made up these two other girls when it was all just her.

She thinks about her dead father. Return to Book Page. Instead of joining these games, the girls decide to explore the forest. Penny is in a different part of the foresttrying to find the spot where she and Primrose had seen the loathly worm as children.


This could be supported by the death of the younger girl who wanted to tag along with them.

Penny and Primrose take the train back to the fogest. Following tjing is the introduction of a character named Alys. That instability, coupled with their frightening encounter with the Thing in the forest, constitutes a thijg compound of early childhood traumas that each girl spends her life trying to overcome.

Penny and Primrosenow adults, each turn up for a tour of the museum on the same day by pure coincidence, each unaware that the other is there. Manzi rated it really liked it. The forest itself is representative of war as an omnipotent, inexorable, and destructive force in the lives of those surrounding it.

All she ever needed to heal was inside herself, and she finally tqps into this wellspring of strength and self-reliance. While Penny is dark and thin, Primrose is her counter, described as light and plump. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It gives the story a sense of the epic, and also its necessarily dreamy quality.

The author is comparative to a scientist, drafting an experiment in which the variables that may be responsible for the different outcomes of each character are reduced. Perhaps this second encounter is not literal but rather a symbolic description of a woman being destroyed by her grief and inability to rise above trauma.