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The Alula-TREK is ready to start the journey no matter where you go. The world’s most popular birdsimilar RC Nurflügler is back and smarter than ev. The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and. Often after climbing for awhile I simply loose the thermal and the Alula-Trek starts gliding down. Then the search for the next thermal begins or I.

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High rates are used by me for the more aerobatic flying discussed below.

Social Keep up to date with our news and offers. If you love sailplanes and the joy of staying aloft on a breeze or a thermal you will understand when I say this plane has brought a smile and some giggles to everyone who has flown her so far. The two servos plug into the aileron and elevator channels on the receiver and I am using the first Elevon option from the wing programming on my DX9. A picture of the temporary damage is shown below.

Hitting the side of a thermal she does get pushed away so I have to turn her about degrees and head into the thermal. Sidearm method of launching is natural, and my 4th launch in the U. Looks like something I would like to do with mine. Great and timely review Include a short peg for throwing it. With small stick movements I can fly the Alula-Trek very smoothly and she looks very much like a bird taking advantage of the wind to soar and hunt along the ridge of the hill.


Modarius “Watch out for This, coupled with the large tail fin, reduces the twisting tendency of a glider upon launch, making for straighter, easier flings to altitude. Whether you are hiking, riding along a dune on the beach or looking for thermals in the nearby park I love this little sailplane, even though I do not own it yet.

Thumb Wing Glider – Alula-ish DIY Glider – RC Groups

Add me to the list of folks that went and ordered one after I watched glier review. Michael, Can you use a top pin receiver or do you need an end pin one?

Modellbau Lindinger uses cookies to make your visit to the website glidee pleasant as possible. The service from Hyperflight is second to none and I highly recommend them. She does a nice loop that can be done large or small. I recommend against dorking her on her nose as I think that will cause problems to the fuselage in the long run. Now remember I said I read the instructions. It was used sparingly for strengthening glicer nose under the belly slide.

Several of them own the Evo and they were interested in seeing the Trek up close and while flying. With no motor, if lift is not found the Alula-Trek glides back down to earth where I launch again and search for lift. I trimmed these decals to not be on the balance bar points on the bottom of the wing The servos were installed.

I got a spare battery too.

Oh well, no harm, no foul! On mine the aileron alila was initially the reverse of what was hlider so I reversed the way the servos were plugged into the two channels on the receiver and the problem was solved. This means the control surfaces on the back of the wing serve as both ailerons and elevator. It is usually a softer launch by me as I am depending on the breeze keeping the Alula-Trek aloft.


Dream Flight’s Alula-Trek Sailplane Review

Ensures fast consistent and easy assembly. In addition to the airfoils, we made some slight changes to overall wing planform. If at all it would be possible to design a flitetest glider, and maybe make a kit for wlula in the future. Forward sweep angle was reduced slightly to reduce amount of nose weight, and nose length was increased slightly for the same reason. I am going out to buy one and practice the David through technic!

Dream-Flight set out to improve what I though was already a very good plane that was fun to fly and I believe they succeeded wonderfully!

By screwing in the screw the clamp was tightened around the wing rod locking the wing in place. Good launches with visible tells when encountering thermals and climbing in thermals is Special Flight Performance for gljder. I found it a delightful plane and fun as a hand toss at thermal sites and even more fun at the slope in light wind.

Jan 10, Martin Strom Go buy, go fly, go high! I found at my local thermal field the Trek like’s to fly faster, penetrates the wind better had a better glide path than my Evo. The next process was trimming the plastic belly skid, and there I just followed the instructions.