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Using the Alto Maxidrive , you can fine-tune multiple loudspeaker systems to optimum performance. Italian-based Alto makes a wide range. I dont know about the but I use the for a 4 way mono rig and it does the job just fine. A bit fiddly to set up with the job wheel but otherwise. IN. This is the standard serial communication interface. It allows outgoing communication between a MAXIDRIVE. PC and other MAXIDRIVE3. 4 PC.

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Log in or Sign up. Where does Alto fall in the reputation spectrum between Beringer and Lab Gruppen? Units can be networked, so several may be operated from one GUI. Thanks in advance Total Poser and Noob. Get Satisfaction uses ,axidrive and cookies. They have some very smart solutions and some very decent products.

It can be operated from a computer GUI in real time via serial cable. The mood in here. For the situations I use the units, this is not an issue. If you don’t have a serial port on your computer then this product will not work for you.

Maxidrive connection RS – USB

How does this maxidrkve you feel? Please get in touch with your nearest Support Office for assistance. Specifically the Alto MaxiDrive 3. Erich Rienecker wrote on Fri, 22 August Community-powered support for Alto Professional. Create a new topic About this Question 3.


Alto Professional MAXIDRIVE PC – 3-Way Stereo, MAXI34PC B&H

Also have used a few, as well as the Compact PC version, in some of my own rigs. Chris D Employee December 18, LeGrand Qualson December 18, You can search under Alto or scroll through my posts. But, yes, their reputation is along the maxisrive of Behringer, although in my opinion it’s a slightly better brand.

Hola, tengo un maxidriver pero no se como conectarlo, ya hice todo lo que esta en el manual pero la pc no detecta a el driver. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. And it IS flexible enough to akto bi or tri amped stereo, or biamped stereo plus mono subs, or biamped plus two summed delays.

So when you use USB port for connecting, please operate it as follows: The brief version of my findings were “not usable”.

ProSoundWeb Community

Anyone have any experience with Alto Products? I have sold several of the Maxidrive3. The only issue I have with them is the somewhat limited routing options.

Overview Topics Products People Change log. Would you rather have this Alto or an analog DBX , trio?

Alto Maxidrive 3.4 – Good?

I’ve posted my thoughts on them a mmaxidrive times before. They have performed reliably with no problems whatsoever. Then it should be OK to link. The main problem with Alto seems to be spare parts availability and general delivery inconcistencies.


Now boot up your computer and run the PC editor. Employee November 07, Because this unit is so old, it used a serial port for older computers to get a proper connection. Mike Pyle Audiopyle Sound Dealer: Support for discontinued Legacy products is limited as we mainly support current line of products.

Hi, i have a maxidrive 3. If you want a straight 6 monos out, then you have to feed mono to one input because it will not sum both inputs to all six outputs. Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered.

You can find their contact information on that page. There are 3.4 switches for each output. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Right up there with Behringer!!!! The required data cable is known as a ‘null modern’ also data transfer type serial interface cable. Osvax Hernandez November 05, Neo-Luddite, Rocket Surgeon “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.